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Trip: College Essay Writing Guidelines

Written by PortmanGuy show PortmanGuy profile

Friday June 19 2020 03:23:08 AM

Date: from Jun 19, 2020 to Oct 14, 2021

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Writing an essay is more or less like riding a bicycle; once you have the skill, you can ride any bike you come across regardless of the model. With essay writing, you only need to learn and master the basic guidelines, and you are good to go. So, how do you write excellent essays?

black Fayorit typewriter with printer paper 

The article below will focus on some legit guidelines on how to write a college essay from start to end. You also get to know some mistakes you as a student are prone to make while working on your assignment. By the end of it, you should be a better writer. Let’s dig in, shall we?


Guidelines for Writing College Essays

Do you feel the need to improve your GPA? Why not start by writing and submitting better essays and academic papers. It is very easy to work on a quality essay if you choose to write one. Here are all the guidelines and tips you need to do so.


1.     Choose a subject area

The most reliable way to start your essay is to choose a viable general subject area. This only applies to essay questions that are open-ended, where you have the freedom to choose any area to base your paper. Take ample time in this step.

Choose a subject area that fascinates you, something that will be fun and interesting to study and research. This makes the essay writing process enjoyable and flawless.


2.     Choose a specific topic

Choosing the most appropriate topic for the paper must be done before embarking on the writing process; you can change the title from time to time, but it must be around the theme of your paper. To make sure you have the right topic, you might try noting down several doable ones in your subject area.

Once you have a list of a few topics, make a pick. You don’t need to hire an essay service for this. Consult your supervisor if you need external help.


3.     Deriving a thesis

This is where things get a bit tricky and challenging. Most students will review and choose an essay service like Paperial to work on their essays from this step. You can read a review of Paperial or any other site to check whether they offer the kind of essay you need. EssayReviewExpert will help you choose the best essay writing service for your paper work.

Deriving a suitable hypothesis statement is a gradual process that starts with a draft statement. Therefore, you don’t have to pressure yourself to get it right in the first instance. All you need is a working thesis that you can improve to fit your general idea of what you intend to communicate.


4.     Do your research

You can never be a good writer until you nurture your research and information sourcing skills. This is a crucial step in paper writing as it gives you the evidence you need to support your ideas and prove your point of view.

In this step, the trick is to carefully read and note down any useful information you come across plus its source for easier citation. Collect as much information as you can before doing your essay. It is one practice that will make you a good student com pro essayist.

 vintage teal typewriter beside book

5.     Write an outline

To collect and organize your thoughts, you need to be guided by an outline. In this step, you need to calmly collect your thoughts and ideas and organize them in order as they are going to appear in the assignment. You can organize them in point form from the strongest point to the least strong. Stay orderly and work towards a depiction of a good flow of points.


6.     Work on your first draft

Once you have followed all the above guidelines, it’s now time to work on the actual paper. Since you have already done all the hard parts, the drafting part tends to be very easy and enjoyable. Open up your mind to the task. It is really the easiest part of essay writing.


7.     Proofread and edit your work

A paper that has been prepared using all the above guidelines will have very few errors and mistakes. However, it is good to be sure and ensure that you are submitting a quality and errors-free article: a perfect paper. Some reliable sites offer proofreading services, but it is wiser to do it yourself.

You can also check for plagiarism and sentence structuring. Make sure that your paper has only relevant and essential information. Have a friend or two proofread it for you if you may; you have so much to gain and only errors to lose.


Closing Remarks

Writing a perfect essay is all about the preparation. When you take your time to prepare what to write, I don’t see why you can’t write a top-grade essay. These are all the guidelines you need to ace the essay writing process. You will do well; just put in the hours.


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