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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By gonçalo , 24-09-2008

help please -
moving to luanda next month far is ambriz beach from the town? possible to surf without wetsuit?

By Adriano Iglesias , 03-07-2008

Surf on sundays - Hello

I´m living in Luanda since few days, i surfered once in Cabo Ledo...there is cool! If somebody wants to surf together, mail me!!

Olá, estou em Luanda a poucos dias, não conheço a galera do surf ainda, surfei apenas uma vez em cabo Ledo, se alguem tiver interesse de marcar umas trips, me manda um email!


By Anonymous , 09-03-2008

need transportation! - So I've been here over a month now and have only been able to surf twice, both times at Cabo Ledo. Its not that great of a wave right now, but I would still go every week if I could, so if anybody on here goes surfing regularly, email me at, I'd love to catch a ride. I would be more than happy to split the gas with you and buy you a few beers! Obrigado!

By satorisurf , 03-01-2008

moving to angola - Hi, I'll be in Luanda for work by the first of February and will be packing my surfboards! I would love to find some connections to the surf community as I will be traveling to Luanda frequently and staying for a few months at a time. Please feel free to email me, thanks!

By Anonymous , 28-10-2007

Sharks are no Problem - I have been surfing this coastline for over 30 years , and there are sharks , but they are not a problem until namibe. from namibe you have seals and great withe sharks. But the waves are 10 times better and more powerfull than cabo ledo.

By Paulo Portas - Portugal , 04-04-2007

Why show it to the world ??? - If Angola and especially CABO LEDO has such great waves... why would you post it on this site for everyone to know about it???
If you really thinks it's a paradise than keep it a secret, because believe me in a few years instead of having just your friends in the lineup, you'll have 200 kooks that ended up in Angola through some tour operator especial...
Take my word on this.

By Typhoon Ex , 03-12-2006

Shark's - I have never seen sharks in Cabo Ledo i know there were reports, i've been surfing in Cabo Ledo (one of the best spots by the way) for a about a year and know alot of people who go there and it is safe by my book.

By Bob Davidson - Brazil - , 01-12-2006

And about sharks???? - I´m moving to Luanda to work. Probably Luanda has dangerous spots due to sharks!! Anybody know which are the spots where sharks' danger is bigger? Or, what are the best and safety spots??

By , 11-10-2006

goofy heaven?? - hey all..... i am planin a surf trip to africa and i wanted to know hows the tourism in angola....are there places i can sleep near the beach? iheard its pretty dangerous havin a camp on the beach ..... plz help me with dat info .... thanks

By Anonymous , 05-10-2006

Hows access - how is acces to Cabo Ledo now???

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