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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Cote sauvage


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By Anonymous , 15-06-2009

Is there any right handed waves there? - Hello,

I see all the pictures, descriptions and all, but is there any consistent right handed waves to ride in Pointe-Noire (or near).
For those wondering, I surf left waves too...But I have way more fun on rights :D.
Thanks for any infos!

By , 25-10-2006

- Hi, I'm coming for a month (para-petrol job) for a month and maybe more later in Pointe Noire. Actually I'm a bodyboarder but can still use a big boat (longboard)... when I have to. I m looking for a board by the end of october, a cheap one really, even just a door board! I you have any tps on how to find something quickly I would love it. COncerning the spots it seems that it s already well discribed and i will do my own investigations anyway...
thanks in advance, don't hesitate to email me.

By Anonymous , 09-06-2006

Great spot - There's consistent A-frame peaks, perfect at 4ft and can handle upto 6-8ft, after that it's a closeout. Park in front of the Um Bongo factory and the wave's right there.
Bon Chance!

By anonymous , 09-08-2005

Thanks for the Piege a sable - Who ever posted the picture No 8. Thanks to show the "Piege a sable" (sand-trap located at the entrance of the commecial port but supposely a military zone....). I was wondering if it was still working and if the access was still a challenge with the gards. It reminds me a lot of good things....Souvenirs, souvenirs............

By anonymous , 09-03-2005

War is terrorism. - Only the women are appearing at high levels because all the men are being slaughtered in the country's civil war. "It's funny..."

By Boni , 03-04-2004

A little bit of French ..... - Ouais ben en attendant meme si ya pas besoin de gros muscles pour surfer au Congo il faut qunad meme savoir faire Ze Matrix's feinte pour eviter les balles perdues des kalash et aussi savoir eviter les degazage petroliers de nos chers amis suceurs d'or noir... Salutation au local de la photo (et oui mon Silip on t'oubli pas - quand tu veux pour le trip au Chili vagues). From Ze one who sent the first original pictures from the "Wild Coast".
Enfin, pour les amoureux de la nature je peux vous preciser que le Congo est un des seuls endroits du monde ou si l'on montre pate blanche, l'on peut surfer des spots avec Hippopotames et sites de pontes de tortues luth..... Bon voyage

By Fergie , 02-04-2004

Good Times - I was in Pinte Noire for approx 14 months and had some great waves. I found the locals to be friendly and accomadating in the water. There is the spot right in front of the local watering called La Pryamid which seems to be the favourite and I had the pleasure of having 6ft cooking barrels at 7h00 in the morning. Breaking left and right it was really awesome.

To all those that made my stay a pleasure namely Phillip,Philip,Patrick,Hassan,Py and many more I say thanks guys and may you have many more years of fun in the sun.

By Eric , 19-03-2004

Finally - Finally some one is putting pictures of Congo. Thanks!
I started and learn surfing up there and I'm still dreaming on my daily surf at the "Pyramid" along the Cote Sauvage.
You may not need to be an expert to surf up there but you definitely need some muscle to reach the line up...and you may be surprised by the power of some session during the dry season.
For the ones who are not aware Congo is creating a lot of excellent surfer and funny it is that only the female are showing at very high professional ranking level....
Marie Pierre Abgral the first French women in the WCT started and learned surfing in Congo and I heard that one other young female is stepping in her tracks Mlle Moura indeed...
Where are you boys?
Correct me if I'm wrong but the picture of the wave being the rusty junk is not exactly what is call the Cote Sauvage and it is located in a nasty part of the port. This is a very “dark” place and in 12 years in Congo I haven’t seen any one surfing there..Unless it is near by the jetee?
How the “phare” and “M’vassa” are working in now days?
I wish that one day I'll be back there..
Take care and good surf

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