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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By riccascarpa , 22-03-2010

SURF RENT - Any places you can rent boards in Casablanca or nearby??

do cintact me at


By Yassine barbar , 29-10-2008

left wave - for stahbouzroug
any time u wanna surf it
this my num 060 46 70 21
casablanca exact:ainsebaa
hot wave ANY TIME

By dominic , 08-04-2008

Surf shops in Morocco - Has anyone been surfing around the northern areas? Is there surf shops to rent boards and wetsuits?

By Anonymous , 28-12-2007

hi - hi wats the surf like on the west side of marroco?

By kylewaddell , 13-09-2007

do you need a ride - hey im driving from faro portugal/sevilla spain to marrakesh morocco on the 18th of september i have seats left in my van and am looking for 60-70 euro gas money if you interested mail me or call me at +351 966329876
its a safe way to get your board to the beach and pritty cheap

By kyle , 04-09-2007

the ride - have space for 2 or3 plus bags and boards and if you got a tent we can keep on bugeeing from spot to spot yea my email is oh looking to go across about september 15 and staying till december

By kyle , 04-09-2007

Do you need a ride - Hey i got a old van and am driving from the south of portugal into spain then along the coast of morocco if you need a ride and want to chip in on expnses let me know

By Mel(M) , 13-06-2006

What about Assila? - During my 1973 Morrocan surfari Assila was consistently classic! I surfed there for 2 weeks on the southbound journey & 6 weeks on the northbound return. It was clean, classic 1.5 to 2metres on the face, & every f....... day!!! I camped out in the camping-site next door to the holiday-village & surfed every day with 2 locals who worked in the village. The small brother of one of them was such a super-grom we nicknamed him 'moscito'because he flew across the wave-face!
My fondest memories were @ Assila. The village people & the locals were 'ala kefac' & very, very humble. The only foreign surfie`s I met there were from Wales, Brighton & Cornwall - no Aussies, Frogs & Septics!!!
I loved the 3 x session days early morning, hightide & lowtide. I vow to go back there with my boy & catch-a -few with him before I go to that great secret-spot inthe sky'

By , 07-05-2006

Summer Swell - Hey,
Is there much swell during August in Morocco? I am the third guy on this section of the message board to ask a question about summer swell. If someone could reply to us on this question it would be much appreciated. Go on... give the aul karma a boost,

By , 19-04-2006

How is it in july - hello im a surfer from spain and i need to know how are the waves in the north and south during the summer, are there any good sweell??are they small but glassy?? it would be cool if you could send me an email back with the info, cheers!!!!

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