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An interactive environment provides messages, reports and data editing. https://wannasurf.com Tue, 23 May 2017 01:26:00 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 https://wannasurf.com/template/wannaskin2/images/favicon.gif Wannasurf.com logo https://wannasurf.com Feed provided by Wannasurf.com - Click to visit. surf en tunisie https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/index.html Bonjour à tous, y a-t-il des passionnés de surf dans les environs de sousse?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia'>Tunisia</a> (Africa, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sun, 07 Apr 2013 21:48:09 +0100 wonderfull wave! https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis/index.html wonderfull!!!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis'>Tunis</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sat, 19 May 2012 21:52:47 +0100 need more informations !! https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/index.html Hi Stepfdetahiti can you give me more informations about surfing around La Marsa . i ll be moving there soon thanks kaimeo(used to live in on Moorea!) xavbreteau@gmail.com<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia'>Tunisia</a> (Africa, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Fri, 14 May 2010 16:55:27 +0100 flat land https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/carthage_neptune/index.html one session in two years...<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/carthage_neptune'>Carthage neptune</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Mon, 03 Aug 2009 06:44:31 +0100 surf tunisia https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/index.html surf in tunisia, yes it's possible, very rarely break but sometimes you can get a good session<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia'>Tunisia</a> (Africa, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sat, 30 May 2009 18:23:59 +0100 surf tunisie https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/La_Droite_du_Fort/index.html pas de vagues en méditerranée?!!!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/La_Droite_du_Fort'>La Droite du Fort</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Thu, 28 May 2009 19:05:29 +0100 surf in tunisia https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/index.html so no wave in tunisia? see that, but remember, only in the winter, water very cold, and rarely break! <br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia'>Tunisia</a> (Africa, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sun, 17 May 2009 01:29:18 +0100 hamamet https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/hamamet/index.html magic session in hamamet, so no wave in mediterranee see?!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/hamamet'>Hamamet</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sun, 17 May 2009 01:26:12 +0100 mehdi the best! https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis/index.html mehdi is the best surfeur in tunisia, the only one able to surf after one litre of absolute vodka!!!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis'>Tunis</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Tue, 01 Jul 2008 21:09:44 +0100 Foto https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis/index.html Lets see then!!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/tunis'>Tunis</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sun, 27 Apr 2008 20:28:09 +0100 Surf en Tunisie ? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya/index.html Bonjour, Je viens de faire un bref passage en Tunisie, il m'a semblé qu'il pouvait y avoir du surf, je ne lis que des commentaires négatifs, mais il y a forcement du swell qui rentre par le détroi [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya'>Kelibya</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Thu, 18 Oct 2007 15:14:26 +0100 surf in Tunusia https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html I will visit Tunisia next month (february) and i would like to know if should bring my surfboard with me.Any information about the place would help me alot.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Fri, 26 Jan 2007 16:39:12 +0100 from a tinisien https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya/index.html there's no surf in tunisia, winter wind swell that's all<br>there's only one country in north africa that has surf and that's morocco.please deilist tunisia from the atlas<br><br><br> [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya'>Kelibya</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Tue, 09 Jan 2007 20:15:21 +0100 Kelibia https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya/index.html Further to the 1st comment posted for Kelibia, I'd like to mention that Tabarka and Kelibia are 2 different location, been to Kelibia begining of October 2006, beautiful beach but not sure it can surf [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya'>Kelibya</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Wed, 18 Oct 2006 17:10:06 +0100 question https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html exscuse me,who can explain to me whats the diffrerence between a long wave and a short one?<br>thnks<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Tue, 03 Oct 2006 12:15:19 +0100 can i rent a board? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html hi all , it s possible to rent a board over there?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:54:15 +0100 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya/index.html good surf in tabarka in the winter.i have some good photos of it but not digital,cannot put on this site.also good left point/reef break just around the corner of tunis yacht harbour<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya'>Kelibya</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Fri, 23 Jun 2006 22:43:50 +0100 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya/index.html Hello,<br>Does anyone have any photos of this spot they can put on this site?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/kelibya'>Kelibya</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Thu, 01 Jun 2006 08:05:26 +0100 Any waves in June ? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html Hi, never thought that could surf in Tunisia !<br>Maybe I go there on a vacation to Hammamet in June, is there any reasonable surf this time of year?<br>Thanks,<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Wed, 24 May 2006 11:45:05 +0100 Mahdia corduroy https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html I was in Mahdia in January of 1993 to buy Bluefin Tuna.<br>I remember 1 day there were beautiful 4-5 ft sets lining up on the beach in front of the nice hotel I was staying at. The waves lacked power [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sat, 13 May 2006 16:56:47 +0100 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina/index.html you are so lucky having this place all to yourself, i surf at this break that is so crowded. I'd love to live here but i can't afford it.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Africa/Tunisia/la_medina'>La medina</a> (Tunisia, Tunisia) Wannasurf.com Sat, 13 May 2006 14:31:18 +0100