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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Indonesia, West Java

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By malibo , 08-04-2016

Resort in Sawarna Beach - If you want to Sawarna and need lodging, you can contact us or +6281222266100 .
malibo layout Sawarna resort is very close to the surf area , from the inn you can monitor wave conditions

By Anonymous , 11-07-2010

hevy drop ,slow wave ,wind and sharp reef - But kanji is not a thief

By Anonymous , 09-04-2010

Theft - Surfed here 2 weeks ago. Surf average but crime heavy. We all had shit stolen including my ipod. Some of the "friendly" locals are not to be trusted.

By Anonymous , 13-01-2010

take care - carefull your things n where you stay , local surfer try steal u thing

By Ifank , 04-01-2010

Sawarna is the best place for surfing - Sawarna is a very pleasant place. we can relax while enjoying life. Sawarna also has places of interest. such as caves and forests. I was born in Sawarna learned about Sawarna. if you want to visit Sawarna you can contact me. Ifank Azis. Item number 081905679501

By Anonymous , 11-11-2009

sawana - we stayed there at the place by the bridge , the place already mentioned on here , yeh that was ok place ,but why the family there let local guys try to befriend you then hang around your room pretend to be cool , but then climb into you r room n go through ur things looking to steal as i caught a guy called 'kajee' doing .this guy had it all worked out from the beginning ok , so be carefull of guys like him.. also heard of people getting thing stolen from the point when in the surf .

By Anonymous , 14-03-2007

sawarna waves - sawarna, need very good wind direction, 4 times to go sawarna, only 2 times have good waves. you really need no-wind conditions.

By Anonymous , 05-10-2006

Village chief - You should defintely check this dude out when you go to Suwarna, his name bapak Hudayu. He makes really cool electric guitars and his sons all play pretty well. If your a guitarist/surfer, take some extra cash and you can pick yourself up a bargain rarity. Hes got a picture on the wall of himself receiving an awards for servioces to the art, from president Suharto. cool old dude and great family to stay with. Suwarna rocks..

By BS , 22-02-2006

Its what you bring with you - After reading the comments thought we'd share a couple with you too. Scored the fun left with some quality during southern hemisphere winter. 2 swells in 2 weeks peaked at 8ft with bigger creepers. It can barrel on takeoff then a top third curl with speedy sections and a long wall (You can really go to town on the joint take your short board and a mid range gun). The right beachie running into the channel by the fishing boats can be fast & fun also. Its not G-land or Mentawi don't expect top to bottom barrels.By the way this is the wrong season, if in doubt check your maps and swell patterning the rest is simple.

The refreshing aspect of West Java is the absence of fuckwits. So if you go in the wrong season like May, cruise around with your head in your arse, speak austra-american and/or try to screw village girls you are bound to be voodooed - stay at home or in Bali. If you go in peace with an open mind the place will astound you. For us the place spoke up and now we return to where & when its cranking.

By Benny Sept October 2005 , 18-10-2005

- Great potential at this spot. Steep take off but needs a SW swell for all sections to link up in what would be a great ride. Locals are friendly but you need to have a guide and ask permission to stay in the village if you wish to surf for a few days. Top spot if your into indo isolation. Mr Huda is the bloke to know for accomodation.

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