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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Anonymous , 26-05-2011

surf caddies - if you know any japanese surfers who might be going to bali or surrounding islands, could you please let them know it is very UNCOOL to pay a local guide to start fights in the surf so they can get waves to themselves. the caddies are also paid to sit inside of everyone and call the other surfers off so their clients can catch the waves. the japanese visitors to indonesia are getting a really bad name with other surfers for this reason. pass this on an hopefully stop this practice before something bad happens. regards kim

By Anonymous , 12-08-2010

who cares - so sad i've lived and surfed in japan for the last 20 years and the surf is epic for all those kooks that havent had good waves there suck shit kaifu nyodo nakamura and everything in between just about to hit the islands with a few crew from oz guaranteed epic waves and no hassles chargin will send some photos

By fresh , 22-01-2008

surfing in hokkaido - whats the surf like up there?

By muz , 24-10-2007

- Surfing in Japan isnt a waste of time.If you are surfing cold shitty waves with 600 people you are in the wrong fuckin place mate. Try doing a little research about which places cop the most swell instead of heading to the place with the best nightlife or most jobs. muz

By Daniel W. Jozayt , 20-09-2007

Trying to find some info? - I am in the U.S. Navy. Stationed in California. Finally have the money to fly out to Japan. Just wondering how are the locals about tourists in Japan? California, not soo bad. Even though I originated from Florida. But, another country, where I don't speak the language soo well??? They nice to outsiders, or pricks? I am a pretty good surfer. Been doing it for 15 years. Don't kook out too much.

Also, what is a good place to fly into, and be near decent breaks? Thanks to all who answer!

EOCA Jozayt U.S.N. Seabee.

By Radicalsurfer , 25-08-2007

Peace in Kyusyu Island - Hello guys I m from north part of Kyusy place call Kitakyusyu . Our point is every body verey friendly & fanny mate . Surfseason is Ortam (Taihoon season) to End of march. If you chance came up to hehe I take you Seacret Island . It no seem Japan . Ok cheers mate keep intuch mate!

By al , 02-07-2007

2 years later - used to be surfer, then came to japan bcos of a girl... ive surfed for 12 years now... ive never seen anything as retarded as the in surf japan. 600 plus people out in the water waiting for waves when its flat. When its good, which is only occasionally in typhoon season, its uncrowded. In winter ibaraki has some cold peaks. The rest of the time its small and windy. If you can choose to live here or not, choose not. I gave japan a chance and wasted part of my surfing career. Please dont make the same mistake as me...

By no friends , 24-05-2007

bodyboarding chiba - i would recommend wada rivermouth on 3-5 feet is pretty hollow down about 500meters from where the main peak is.

also hebara right side shore break on east and south east swell is rad..

oaraii area in ibaraki has some good steep waves as well when it gets a clean swell..

By Anonymous , 13-04-2007

don't know holloest or not. - Good left at kamogawa kakou beach in Chiba. If I say terrible experiense I would choose somewhere in okinawa. It's reef break!

By Anonymous , 07-03-2007

- im a bodyboarder and would like to know, what is the hollowest left in japan? good reefs/wedges/shorebreaks for bodyboarding??

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