Wannasurf news comment WannaSurf - Free illustrated atlas of surf spots and surfing worldwide with maps of surf spots, detailed descriptions and photos. All the best weather and forecast maps. An interactive environment provides messages, reports and data editing. https://wannasurf.com Tue, 23 May 2017 05:13:56 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 https://wannasurf.com/template/wannaskin2/images/favicon.gif Wannasurf.com logo https://wannasurf.com Feed provided by Wannasurf.com - Click to visit. Locals only! https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/Kandooma_Right/index.html I wasn't allowed to surf this wave because of a OZ's local wanker (with hipster Barbe and Maori Tattoos). He claim that the spot is private. I'm not shure if he will try again to open his mouth next t [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/Kandooma_Right'>Kandooma Right</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Thu, 19 May 2016 13:51:04 +0100 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/meeru_reef/index.html Maldives is an ideal place for surfing..It is not only rich with long coastal region but also it has wide diversity wild flora and fauna.. <br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/meeru_reef'>Meeru reef</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Wed, 22 May 2013 09:02:59 +0100 Maldives Surf via Four Seasons https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Hello! Im going in the Maldives Islands in mid-April at the Four Seasons resort. How is the swell normally in April? I can decide if I bring my 6.3" or my little 5"10 biscuit :) Also, has anybody be [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Sun, 30 Jan 2011 22:19:43 +0100 Lohi´s https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis/index.html I agree with you. The Huhuran Fushi Hotel is not worth it. The very last day some hotel staff opened our surfboard bags and stole 300 euros. The Hotel didn´t accept their responsability. They were so [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis'>Lohis</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Wed, 01 Sep 2010 10:30:19 +0100 Surf on/near Cinnamon Island??? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html I have just booked our honeymoon to Cinnamon Island at the start of September 2010. So, is it worth taking a board??? (PLEASE LET THERE BE WAVES!) Thanks.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Fri, 09 Jul 2010 00:35:59 +0100 Addu Atoll - South Maldives https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Has anyone been to Addu Atoll in the south? Whats it like for accomadation and access to spots? cheers<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Fri, 21 May 2010 14:07:37 +0100 Medhufushi Resort https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html I want to the Medhufushi resort (Mulaku Atoll) in the Maldives for my noheymoon (and of course combine it with surfing) It seems to me that there's a surf spot there, as it is well-exposed to the S [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Wed, 05 May 2010 09:04:24 +0100 Medhufushi Resort https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Hello All :) I want to the Medhufushi resort (Mulaku Atoll) in the Maldives for my noheymoon (and of course combine it with surfing) It seems to me that there's a surf spot there, as it is well- [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Wed, 05 May 2010 09:01:17 +0100 AK47 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/riptides/index.html Awesome right-hander, bowling with a bending arm coming back at you and good for smacking it. Found the rip non existant compared to waves further south.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/riptides'>Riptides</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Thu, 08 Apr 2010 11:27:44 +0100 Holiday Inn Kandooma https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Hey, next month I'm going to stay in the Holiday Inn Resort on Kandooma Island for the week. Does anybody know if there is some surf around that island ?? Too far from Jails, Sultans, etc. Thanks, [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Sat, 06 Mar 2010 12:42:37 +0100 Suring honeymoon in maldives https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html I am going for 2 weeks to the maldives in July. I looked at booking pasta point but the thought of paying close to $10000 left me feeling somewhat violated. I was woundering what are the best resorts [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Sun, 06 Dec 2009 19:23:33 +0100 dream come true https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/honkeys/index.html many places in the area were packed with boat travellers but honkies was often quite empty.. the inner break tubed nicely but closed out pretty quickly and was better for reall really advanced surfers [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/honkeys'>Honkeys</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:19:11 +0100 WARNING https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html I booked a boat directly to a Maldivian for 1 week, the boat was not the one I showed mein pictures and broke down 2 days. He didn't give us any sort of compensation!!! Ask a caution if you do so...<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Mon, 23 Mar 2009 18:38:27 +0100 South Atolls https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html i'm trying to book some surf vacations to the south Atolls , i've been in the North Atolls but i need something less crowded. Wich Island or resort do you advice to stay, near or in front of many wav [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Tue, 06 Jan 2009 23:44:10 +0100 budget surf https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html anyone do the budget surf maldives trip? i see they have two options.... boat trip or island stay. what kind of breaks does the boat trip have? how about the island stay....are the breaks worth it? [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Tue, 02 Dec 2008 08:39:17 +0100 March Surf? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/cokes/index.html Hey guys, surfed here in June and was sick, but going in March for a honeymoon. Heard might not be many waves? Anyone been in March can confirm or deny that?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/cokes'>Cokes</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Thu, 27 Nov 2008 00:23:23 +0100 lohifushi https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis/index.html The wave is really really perfect big or small is always perfect...preatty easy very mellow sometimes u can get a barrell but the only problem is the resort....horrible superexpansive...bad people in [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis'>Lohis</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Thu, 20 Nov 2008 12:26:13 +0100 DAngerous ? https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/pasta_point/index.html hi, can anyone who surfed the wave tell me if falling theres is too dangerous, the water is dept there ?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/pasta_point'>Pasta point</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:25:39 +0100 Barrels https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis/index.html Hi, im thinking of going there, i´d like to know if its easy to score barrels there or is it too hard ? <br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/lohis'>Lohis</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:22:59 +0100 Boat trip https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Regargding your comments on crappy boats..I spent a trip on the Flying Fish (trough Surftaoll). The boat was amazing(very big with a hudge sun deck), the crew very nice and the food very good!! <br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Wed, 18 Jun 2008 10:37:28 +0100 Chickens is no good https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/chickens/index.html Don't bother. Great if u love paddling against rips and love fat waves. Much better waves at cokes or the other breaks further south. If it looks good its average. If it looks bad don't even think abo [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/chickens'>Chickens</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Thu, 12 Jun 2008 07:06:01 +0100 Shocking news https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Pretty shocked to hear of Tony's death. Was there for a long spell last year, just prior to the Sri Lanka Pro, and surfed plenty with him. One session we pushed each other deeper and deeper on the poi [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Fri, 06 Jun 2008 13:48:00 +0100 R.I.P. Tony Hussain Hinde, May 27,2008 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/pasta_point/index.html As reported in the Maldivian newspaper 'Dhivehi Observer' (May 31,08 edition), Tony Hussain Hinde died on Tuesday afternoon in a freak accident while surfing Pasta Point @ Male' atoll. Unconfirmed rep [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/pasta_point'>Pasta point</a> (Maldives, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Mon, 02 Jun 2008 03:38:29 +0100 Tony "Hussein" Hinde died surfing on May,27th https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html Maldivian surf legend Tony "Hussein" Hinde died surfing on May,27th Tony “Hussein” Hinde, the father of surfing in the Maldives has passed away, surfing his home spot at Pasta Point on May, 27t [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Fri, 30 May 2008 09:55:42 +0100 https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives/index.html same experience, same boat, same problems...... DONT GO WITH TROPICA CRUISE.....its a robbery......the boat its like THIRD WORLD BOAT, an ex fishing boat, with beatles...i mean big beatles....in the [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Maldives'>Maldives</a> (Asia, Maldives) Wannasurf.com Fri, 25 Apr 2008 11:53:03 +0100