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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By Anonymous , 12-02-2010

Any swell in La Union in March? - Heading to La Union for a week in late March. Is there anything to ride then or am I going to be looking at complete flatness during that time? Also, what surf resorts would you guys recommend? I have seen numerous resorts and was wondering what kind of experiences people have had?



By Lagom , 15-12-2009

La Union on Dec/Jan - Lots of beachbreaks, no crowd. Swell is usually ok (for beginners) and semi-consistent but winds often mess it up

By miguelsp , 28-09-2009

Visiting "La Unión" on dec or jan 2010 - Consistency of surf and wind?

By stevo , 21-06-2009

luzon - thinking about phillpines nov and dec.can anyone tell me how consistent it is around la union etc,i dont need big waves just consistent,thanks in advance

By Anonymous , 10-08-2008

Monaliza Spot - Hey Guys.. I stayed in Luzon for more than 1 months to surf the monaliza spot.. actually it was a waste of time cause the swell is quite unconsitant and there where only 2 surfable days in 1 weeks on average and the waves haven`t been quite high.. there are are few local surfers and some old expats there making the scene..

By Anonymous , 03-07-2008

cloud 9 in sept 08 - i plan on going to surigao to watch the billabong cloud 9 invitational alone. any tips on making it a fun, safe trip? (first aid kit, bring my own surfboard etc, etc,) Anybody want to come with me. I'll be travelling to manila from los angeles. the contest runs from sept. 20-26. that's when i plan on going. drop me an email if you are interested.

By Anonymous , 06-11-2007

cabugao - i'm heading to cabugao (sabang) in a week , gonna be staying at Carolines Beach House. It looks like I'll be doing this alone, and I don't think there's many surfers around this spot. If anyone is gonna be in the area and up for a session, shoot me an email.

By Chico "LaUnionBoy" Lagro , 02-01-2007

You Have to be Hard-Core - Friends,
You have to be hard-core to surf Luzon, Philippines. The waves are usually on the mellow side on Luzon, but over time (20+ yrs), the Philippines has become more crowded, less road improvements, and not hiway "sign" friendly to where you need to go. I go there every year because I have been going there since I lived there in the early 80s (I'm ex-USAF), and I only suggest to travel with another surfer that knows his or her stuff. I love it as I have gotten used to it and see it as my second home. I say without reservation, be prepared for compromises and smile though it.

Like I said you gotta be hard-core to want to travel those crowded road conditions and ultimatley end up at your surfari destination with a hip-high wave and a 7 second ride, or deal with the ultra crowded surf spots where the Locals get their share and 30 Japanese surfers fight and jocky for the rest.

But if you dig the culture, like I do, then go for whatever surf you can get and make a few friends. Don't expect a tourist-friendly journey--things are far from convenient. Bottom line, travel with someone that knows where they are going and what they are doing. And keep your mind open.

Part La Union Boy,
Child of God, Citizen of the World,


By , 17-11-2006

Surfing in Luzon Dec. 06 - Kumusta Everyone,
My name is Anthony, I am visiting family in the PI for just over 3 weeks. I want to find some surf relatively close (3-6 hours) to Cavititi. I've been living in Hawaii for the past three years and am now back on the east coast in Virginia. My father who is from Cavititi and my sister will be traveling with me, so I'd like to keep it safe (the travel, not the surf). And i'll probably won't bring a board with me because Tatay says it will be too difficult to travel with. Any information about good surf, lodging, or a places to score a board would be great. Maraming Salamat.

By PINOY SURFER (BELOW) SAYS>>> , 03-10-2006

FROM A LOCAL>>> - "true, islamic/moro terrorists & kidnap gangs can still strike." I.E.>>> YOU WILL GET JACKED IF YOU ARE NOT LUCKY! WHO IS BURNHAM? HOW LONG WAS HE AND HIS WIFE HELD HOSTAGE BY ABU SAYAFF??? AND WHAT DID HE DO WRONG??? He simply went on a two-day trip to Palawan for his wedding anniversary, to enjoy the supposedly peaceful settings and sonorous breakers with his wife. SURFERS TAKE NOTE! THE PHILIPPINES IS DANGEROUS AND GOOD WAVES ARE HARD TO COME BY IF YOUR PLANNING A SURF TRIP. INDO IS 100 TIMES MORE RELIABLE AND TSUNAMIS ASIDE< MUCH SAFER!!!!

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