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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Sri Lanka

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By domberg , 11-09-2016

surf shop colombo area - hey, anyone know where I can get my board repaired? unfortunately I have quite a scratch, through to the foam... I'm in Colombo right know and would like to have it fixed here. anyhow, I'm heading for arugambay within the next couple of days. so that would also be a possibility. thanks so much for your help!

By arugambaytraveller , 03-08-2016

Arugam Bay Traveller - Hi all, just want to make everyone aware of If you are thinking of a trip to abay this site has loads of good info. Thanks!

By seh_pick , 16-05-2013

Peanut Farm - Just south of A-Bay, there's a great place that's not easy to find called Peanut Farm -- great spot. If you ask the tukk tukk drivers in A-Bay, they know where it is. Best surf on the east coast, and a great place to take pic's, as the main break is right directly in front of a massive rock that juts out into the sea -- no chance of hitting the rock, the roll right is awesome...

By Anonymous , 16-05-2013

Dunstan - Hey, one pretty cool place to check out in Hikk's is Dunstan Surfwear, they have a shop on Galle Rd. and a tailor shop at Time Travels. Custom made boardies, where you pick the fabrics and make the design yourself. Mine look awesome, and it was a blast to create them with Dunstan (one of the first surfers in Sri Lanka). He told me they now have an online site: where you can design online and they'll ship your design to you house (free shipping too). If you're in Hick's a decent place to stay and eat is the Coral Sands.. pretty ressonable and clean. Citrus is nice if you're not on a budget..!! Off to A-Bay....

By anan , 30-05-2012

july trip around sri lanks - hi
arriving to lanka on july 12/13, will have 4-5 days trip around the island and then to abay. pls join if anyone is interested

By joehf123 , 15-02-2012

Advice on boards in sri lanka please??? - Hi all
I'm planning on heading out to sri lanka for july and august however I'm hesitating to take a board out as all the cheaper flights that are now left are with airlines that are pretty mean about boards.
I was just wondering if anyone knew much about how easy it is to buy a second hand cheapish (less than £200 or £150 ish), not to bad shortboard or fish whilst actually in lanka?
I cant seem to work out if there are many surf shops that deal in this sort of thing...
Any help/knowlodge will be hugely appreciated :)

By chelbycat , 30-12-2011

Great for beginners - The beach break is really easy to surf if you've been learning for a while and need some gentle waves for practice. I also love that it was never too crowded and their were very few swimmers in your way. This is a great place to surf if you are just learning.

Reef breaks looked awesome too, though not my style yet. Hikka is a good place to go though if you are traveling with a group of surfers of all levels. Something for everyone.

By Benkei , 03-05-2011

Left on East - Hello all,

I am planning a 2 months surf trip to Sri Lanka round June-August.
From what I read during that time of the year the best area me is the East cost (Arugam etc). The thing is that all the spots seems to be only right breaks? is it so?
Any one knows of left breaks on the east cost?

By Rico Andrea , 11-08-2010

Arugam Bay and Hikaduwa with - We had a wonderful trip through Sri Lank, we booked everythin with , Chaminda the owner of this local travel agency picked us up at the airport, and then we followed the trip we fixed together. All his staff are very friendly, we had a great time also wiht his driver Sampath! Everything was well organised, at the end we staied 9 days in Arugam-Bay and improved our surfing, there is still pently of space for further improvment!!!
Once again thanks to Chaminda for the extra-ordinary stay in Sri Lanka.
Importan further Inof: With Chaminda you can do lots of other things then surfing, like biking, or hiking, white water rafting just ask him, he will give you advice and organise everything for you!

By Anonymous , 05-08-2010

Tiras point - Hi, can anyone tell me where Tiras Point is? I'm going back to Sri Lanka in December and wanted to try and find this break. Thank's

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