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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Peanuts farm

Sri Lanka

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By The dude! , 12-09-2006

You got it Mr Hoax - Well put - SL has many fun, little, gutless waves. If its a decent adrenilin rush you`re after you might be better off visiting the north east, looking for tigers. Nice place for a quite romantic beach hol with the missus though. Just gotta watch some of the locals with your chic, they dont half rate themselves the little blighters. As soon as you go in the water they´ll be on her like a bad rash. Oh well, cant really blame em - you´d need to skull a couple of bottles of the local whisky before you´d touch one of the local chicks - wouldnt even touch her with yours mate. Na realy, SL isn´t a bad place to kill a couple of weeks, just don´t expect too much from Huey. Better to go anywhere with that attitude regardless of destination.

By anonymous , 01-10-2005

Peanutfarm - Great place to learn how to surf, the local guys there are really cool, as long as you treat them with respect.
Eazy to get there. Ask a tuktuk driver to take you there from arugambay. They normaly charge 400-650 rupes. After the tsunami, the old peanut farm is gone, but I know they are rebuilding it, in Srilankan style (tomorrow) so it should be done in a year or so.

By anonymous , 24-05-2005

sri lanka = hoax - the only wave in the area worth a long haul trip. like a indo wave on a bad day. if you can surf give sri lanka a miss and leave it too the beginners, sure it has its day, but still you couldnt even compare it too somewhere shit like dreamland. leave it for the israilis who think they surf like slater. dont get me started on hikadua as well. if you can surf properly there all about as good as your average home break. what the fuck was i doing listening to a swiss guy too tell me where too surf????????????

By anonymous , 24-07-2004

whoever - It`s a really nice place to hang around and surf the whole day although it can get really hot out there - the take off rock looks like a buckle beast and it`s a challenge to catch wave further outside that rock - try it but u should be pretty sure to clean ur take off greetz

By Scotty , 16-09-2003

Peanut Farm - Easy to get to Just ask the tuk tuk driver but make sure you arrange return trip. Its a long way back to town.

Wave is only so-so. Outside section has good shape and form and for this part of Sri Lanka, actually has a
bit of power. Inside section much softer and bumpy from reflected waves of rocks. Really nice if it was just you
and a mate but as with all waves in this area, really really really crowded any time after 8.00 am

By feadie , 02-09-2003

Loads of Peanuts - There are loads of peanuts - its a peanut farm! Just ask your tuk tuk driver which way to walk and if you're worried about walking in the jungle he might come with you. And yes you should be worried we came across elephants and evnt the fresh prints of a very big cat. Surf is great though

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