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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Kata beach


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By deb2120 , 15-08-2011

FACTS About KATA - Hi all, I'm in Kata beach right now. Here are the FACTS:
- Unconsistent
- Only BEGINNER spot
- 1-2 foot waves no power
- Dozens of 100% beginners (drops in, crashes, go straight, throw boards, ecc...)
+ Nice warm clean water
+ Rent all kind of surfboards

If you surf at least "a little", don't come here!
If you want to star surfing (from zero) come here!

By Anonymous , 09-06-2011

beginner/sharks - is kata beach a good place to learn?
also what are the possibilities of seeing dangerous sharks??

By Anonymous , 13-08-2009

Overview - Who wrote the overview here? When did Phuket become supercheap and have undercrowded waves, someones living in a dreamworld me thinks!

By Anonymous , 04-08-2009

Kuta rocks! - Surfed Kuta in July for 5 days after a big storm. Heavy sets, some great rides, not too crowded. Da Bungalows accross the road a great place to stay!

By Anonymous , 11-10-2008

kata beach - was here in september and rented a board each day for about an hour (there were 3 different beachboy stands, averaged about $5 per hr) ... small sloppy windswell on the sandbanks I probably wouldn't even look twice at at home but the water was warm and the sun was out and it felt great to get wet and hit the lip a few times while in thailand...

By Belgium Surf , 17-04-2007

No worry - There are sharks in Thailand, but not the dangerous ones... Kata Beach is a good choice.
And if you need to rent a board you must go to the end of the beach... ""
Say hello to the 2 lovely ladys from Peter from Belgium :-)
Grtz and have a good surf !

By Snow in Bolivia , 31-03-2007

sharks ? - Hi everyone,
I'm expecting to go to phuket in may. i'd like to surf someday, in katabeach b'cause it feels like the best, but I dont't know how dangerous it may be in this place. I was in Reunion island last year and many legs were on the menu for these great fishes. Please inform me. Thanx

By Paranoid Mum , 04-01-2007

How is the surfing in March? - May be taking my boys to Phuket for spring break - March 10 to 24th. They are 15, 13 years old and beginner surfers. Is Kata beach suitable and safe, sharks/undertows that sort of thing?

By C's , 07-08-2006

- thailand is defenitely not the place to go to for surfvacation, but you can be lucky and have some really amazing days once the monsoon has started.....
was there on the 20th of june and found 8+ feet waves in kata...

By tim , 03-04-2006

Not bad at all - I came here after two months in Indo. In the low season no less. Waves were samll and slow, about waist high and consistent all week. Plus, a coupla balinese in the lineup even had some fun. Very short rides though.

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