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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Broulee main

Australia, NSW, Far South

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By castle , 31-01-2008

broulee oldschool - i grew up at this place it was the best place 2 go up cool crew and good uncrowded waves. now though its full of blow in fags that have no f$cking respect 4 anyone! i find it har 2 surf south brou these days i'd rather go and surf somewhere with no mals,no learn 2 surf's, no blow ins. u cant even rent a house here these days cause there all bought by people from canberra and sydeny! And also 2 the little groms that call them selves "THE BROU BOYS" wake up 2 ur selves! grow the f%$k up we were there before u and there were blokes there before us and they were twice as tough as us. we used 2 get a flogging every week or dropped in on everyday

By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

WA surfer now in Canberra - I have enjoyed some nice surfs here. Show respect to the locals, line up and wait your turn and enjoy the atmosphere.

By sam hilton from canberra , 23-05-2007

Scary - I saw a shark here and piddled my pants. Theres also nasty seaweed in the water. I got bashed by the locals because I accidentaly got in the way. Never go here if youre from Canberra youll get beaten up just like me.

By harley jagleman , 24-12-2006

brou boys are gay - to the members of the eurobodalla, theres been a rumor going around that eddy ashton rekorns every and each 1 of the brou boys are fukin fags. i actually have the same thought on this because they think they are so tough.
p.s me(harley jagleman and eddy ashton are gay)

By Anonymous , 02-11-2006

- death to the yogi
just wait to christmass

By Local , 19-09-2006

NO F'n WAY - NO WAY mate those pics are of the best days out south in yonks. just cos u dont no good surf wen u see it...

By Anonymous , 10-09-2006

- are mate the person who wrote that last msg can't read i read both aand no where does it say that them pictures a fake

By swamp street lads , 24-08-2006

there real photos matee - 2 whoever sed that the photos werent real they are so there and ived lived here since the early 1980's so dont u go tellin us around and ma familia(family) and i have lived here since the 1900's so there

By Anonymous , 15-08-2006

WTF - What the fuck who ever submitted those new pics are stupid north gets way better then that it says it going off thats a crap day there and also the other pic says best in 4 years trust me it has been alot better then that north goes off in summer.

By neimad , 10-07-2006

Broulee has a long history - South broulee and the breaks of this area have a long history of quality surf, strong surfers with a good sence of community. If your finding it hard to get waves, get in the line and pay your dues. Respect anywhere in the world is always repayed with respect. Most of the good surfers have a long heritage with the area and are concerned about the overrunning of the surf here. Live with the fact that sometimes you need to wait your turn and your time will be better enjoyed. We arent all arseholes as some people state. As with anything time is your only way to get to know the local surfers. Take the time to be friendly and i garantee you will get it in return. Do the oppsoite and it will muliply. Enjoy your surfing here and smile this area gets awsome on its day trust me ive lived here 30 years and surfed all around the world.

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