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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Box beach

Australia, NSW, Newcastle

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By Anonymous , 16-12-2008

whaeteva u rekon - u surfers "skinners" wat a bunch of wankers bodyboarders we have plenty of respect for surfers and most of them show it back u deserve 2 be dropped in on get a life u 40 year old fuckwits

By flanders , 25-11-2008

- anna reef shreds box beach

By cameron del moro , 27-10-2008

watch out for the DALES - jacko dale and his bruuu DAZZA charge this place so hard they dont know how far they can go without wipein out on the rocks
this kid got this one probably the heaviest wipout ive ever seen in me liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife ooooooo duuuuuuuuuude

By Anonymous , 12-09-2008

"real surfers" saaa - im pretty sure there are a handful of surfers that surf boxy good and im pretty sure skinners or whatever there names are them just because uve surfed it long before us doesnt mean anything YOUR STILL A KOOK half of the grommy lidders that u talk about are better than you
what what about "real surfer" if your definition of a real surfer is someone that blows half the waves they get than yes you are real surfers im mean seriosly you guys are how old? 40s get a life haslling young grommys who are better than you? you guys are the laughing stock of box beach i would be all right u you guys were even half decent at surfing then i would understand were your coming from but your not words cant describe how bad u guys are seriosly

By Anonymous , 21-05-2008

box beach rules - box beach is a great beach , no,one owns it for jebuses sake, it angrys up the blood when try hard sufers try to claim it over a conputer screen,

By Anonymous , 06-05-2008

lid 4 life - surfers dont own this spot and you all no it yewwwwwwww booger

By 4skinna , 24-03-2008

were back - skinners are back ,dan and steve ,old locals ,real surfers not this esky lid shit ,be warned all you lids :respect: ok we were surfin this joint when you were still shittin your pants ,. ive just found this web sitte and it disturbs me to see what you nobs have wrote , people of the world box is a great wave but be warned the locals (real locals not kids on lids )demand respect oh yeh and they catch great whites of the beach around at morna cyas in the water

By Anonymous , 25-12-2007

... - boxy is mad,
dallas rips.

By Anonymous , 24-07-2007

wtf - lol yer wtf is with if boxy isnt working go around the corner to box beach.....
the rocks on the right hand side are like flooded now because of that big storm

By Anonymous , 13-06-2007

What?? - If box isn't working go round the corner to box?? Lay off the drugs. And don't come to box full stop.

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