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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Iluka bluff

Australia, NSW, North

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By Anonymous , 03-03-2009

seeds - surfed this spot 6-8ft, watched it for days then caught it on the right tide and wind, the wall was 6ft solid with about 30 people on it, I scored this with me and 2 other mates out, super sketchy as it breaks right on the ledge pretty much. saw a couple of sharks too, all in all its rare to get good and big risk factor or being eatn by shark or eating shit on the rocks

By Anonymous , 10-03-2008

- u said it bubblezzz
its not even that good not worth the drive from the highway but

By captain obvierce , 21-01-2007

where the sainity - i want everyone reading this to think about how much this sux.. we serch endlessly for a new good wave and when we find it we have to tell everyone in description where the spot is.. what it works in really sux cause next time u go there u find the 3 people u surfed it with last time has gone to 10 or 25... yeah that sounds like real fun.. argue all u want for this the ocean is for everyone... but i'll tell you what, i enjoy a session with just my mates a hell of alot more then a seasson with hungry little boogers and arsehole professional standups. think about the spots u post

By bubblezzzzz , 23-05-2005

maaaaddddd wedge - it is the best surf around used to be a secret, but the secret is out. the wedge is the best tthing wweeeeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeee lets party

By , 14-04-2005

be patient please :-) - we have 7000 new spots to add.... it's a huge amount of work !

By billy goat , 14-04-2005

Web master has a problem with trust - I was one of the first to surf many of the breaks around iluka. I have sent in good discriptions of some of the more obscure breaks. pity the web master wont post them. oh well not my problem, just wanted to share

By anonymous , 29-12-2004

none - this place only gets good at the wall, ive surfed it 12ft and pumping, but all the other reefs are shit, they may get good on a freaky swell and wind, but its not even worth looking,

By anonymous , 16-07-2004

- oh and also that pic is of the north wall not bluff. same guy as message below wrote this

By anonymous , 16-07-2004

- i go to iluka fairly often and ive seen almost every break at its best, this one has never been surfable so i dont know what you idiots are talking about

By anonymous , 13-06-2004

sick - this place is full consistent. With a bit of swell,u can usually score some nice barrels.

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