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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Australia, VIC, East Coast

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By Gaz1 , 20-05-2011

Boat ramp huge mistake - ahh, the silly billies who want the ramp. Having surfed in the place for over 30 years I know this is disingenuous rubbish, along with all the other surfers who have spent any time there. This ramp nonsense comes courtesy of commercial interests who think game fishing and abalone farms will line their pockets. Should they build this awful thing it WILL destroy that wave and the one just outside of it, called broken boards. On the quality of that wave, it's true that this comes and goes with the sand over the bommies, but my friends and I have had great waves there over the years, and we'll fight to save it.

By Anonymous , 28-03-2008

- Bastion point works 3 times a year shit hole bring on the boat ramp

By Anonymous , 03-01-2008

bastion surf - as a local i can tell you the ramp wont afect the point the wall stops well short of the point and i have not seen any good waves for 3 months dont listen to the shit that goes a round. our town is dying 5 years ago 250 kids at school 120 this year make up your own mind about the ramp and dont be a sheep.

By Anonymous , 06-04-2007

crap hole - is this possibly the worst break in Australia?

By Anonymous , 06-09-2006

fukn good - lets go summer 2006 mad shiz

By Anti rock wall , 25-10-2005

madness - The best waves tht i have ever surfed have been at bastion point and the proposed boat ramp which is really a F*%#ing 130 meter rockwall will not only destroy the bank but also the enviroment, the serenity, teh swimming beach and the clean look that mallacoota posseses. too go ahead with this proposed "boatramp" would be madness it would plage mallacoota for ever

By anonymous , 11-10-2005

get serious - coota is a great place to surf, the locals are friendly and the waves can and do get sick..i think ur info is a little perplexed for a web site as about some issues on the proposed boat ramp which will destroy our waves.just ask a local surfer if ur so intune with the place.

By The Sickness , 11-10-2005

A hidden gem - Mallacoota has some of the best beach breaks to be found. When banks form and the right swell hits them you wouldn't find a better, thicker or hollower barrel. The crowd is minimal except for the locals when it is firing. Sometimes the Point can break in bigger swells when the sand is right. Befriend the locals and they may share some secrets!!

By anonymous ! , 24-07-2005

i dont no - i have gone to mallacoota for 10 years and it is fun as. but dont mess with them

By anonymous , 14-05-2005

watch out - watch out for the locals. trat them with respect and that is wat u get back. piss them off and you will be againsed the whole surfing community. not a good spot to be in as i found.

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