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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, VIC, Melbourne West

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By Anonymous , 27-09-2008

Pweter is a poofter - i surf bells winki 13th bird rock all the time tho the might not have the full power of the waves down south of west oz and i know coz i live over there for three years they are just as good nice long rides. you think your a sicko pweter vicco got no balls ey go paddle out at lunas.. you tossa why not hit the other side of the bay 8ft gunna beaches got enough sting to make you go home and suck on your mothers tit!!!

By Goldie Lid Rider , 18-06-2007

Pweter has a point - The waves around your part of the world are anything but powerful. Unfortunately Pweter is right. I've copped solid 6ft bells right on the noggin and laughed myself silly underwater. The only pain from getting caught inside is the ice cream headaches. Boys - your waves are not powerful. However, your West Coast is another story altogether. This doesn't mean that your waves are crap as Vicco has some great surf.

By get a real spot , 24-08-2006

heavy wave - this spot is absolutly insane, it looks so much like shark island i get confused. you have to have some serious balls to surf a wave of such consequence. you my friends are tools of the highest calibre

By Pweter , 14-08-2006

So you agree - Look i don't care if you guys stay here with your head up your ass but stop telling everyone how powerfull the waves are in Victoria as they are NOT
IF big gutless waves make you feel tuff stay in Vic

By Anonymous , 07-08-2006

- yeh pweeter thats right, you dont have much of an idea.
the reason why this part of vicco is "gutless" is because of the low lying bass strait. this slows down the waves ferocity and lowers wave height before it hits the coast. at southern W.A, the continental shelf quickly backs off. too quick for the waves to slow down and get smaller, which also adds some punch to it power. waves to mention include the bombie, cow bombie, margz, the box, ellensbrook, super tubes, north point, stark bay, rottnest box and of corse their infamous far south coast brother, cyclops....the list goes on for ages... w.a has many shallow reefs. we only have a few. the depth of the water gives allowance to either dredging shallow reef hollow tubes or deep,mushy fat turd burgers that this break does, at times unfortunatley resemble. W.A isn't always top class though. every place has their shit days...
remember the Rip Curl Pro this year? That there mate was the years second best batch of contest surf this year after mexico, and i believe that it will stay in the top five in its wave quality. Occy's 9.99....Kelly Slater VS Joel Parko in the final in perfect 8 foot offshore sets lining up like cordaruoy to the horizon.....
sure mate.....its mushy....sure...LOL

By Pweter , 14-07-2006

No Idea Hey - Grew up in WA and lived and surfed all around australia for 23 years, yeah i guess i have no idea. WA waves have heaps more grunt for the size. don't get confused i'm not saying it doesn't get sizable swell (more than most of OZ) but the waves are gutless for the size. crumbly faces that don't break top to bottom. these waves remind me of Sunshine coast in Qld when the swell is up.

By Anonymous , 28-06-2006

Pweter no idea - you got no frigen idea you tool

By local , 29-05-2006

- One day "Pweter" you will paddle into a 6ft wave in vicco and not make it back to the carpark. The southern ocean shall punish your ignorance my friend.

By Cold Onshore Vicco Pus , 06-12-2005

Pweter Is On It! - No worries Pweetee! Hopefully all you touros that come here leave with your attitude. Get skunked for waves when the Bells comp was on eh! Well, it's usually like that around here no matter what the mags say. Oh yeah....the onshore, freezing souwester blows it's guts out frequently as well. You're much better off surfing warm, consistent, uncrowded, POWER PACKED waves around Sydney/Goldy. Have fun now!

By Pweter , 02-12-2005

Another Gutless Vico wave - These waves are mostly week gutless slow fag waves.
Victorians think that size means power. powerful waves are powerfull for thier size. a 10 foot face wave should have some power! Just because you get some sizable swell doesn't make it good.

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