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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Perth South

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By Anonymous , 26-06-2007

- The first photo isnt sidies...sidies is a right idiot, that picture is further south from sidies

By anonymous , 27-04-2006

sidies... fiths? - yer sidies is ok on the odd ocasion.. but ive heard of a queit place called fifths beach...? anyone no where it is?

By anonymous , 14-04-2006

- how the fuk can u say a 3-4 ft wave is sik????

By anonymous , 03-10-2005

when its good its fun - i rember once when taj burrow was out here and he was loving it he was getting heeps of speed off the sidewash and boosting hell big airs

By Sideys is rated PG , 06-02-2005

Sidewash conspiracy - How is the dribble on this page? Look at sidewash in perspective. If you were to talk this place up to someone who came from an area with quality waves and they saw sidewash on a "quality" day they would laugh in your face. Seriously, it is a less than 5 second ride with roughly 1 good wave in a set and it ends with a closeout which on a big day would barely manage to ruffle the hairs on grandmas bum. Who ever reckons this joint is the greatest.... well good luck to you.
Keep livin'the dream!

By kp , 10-10-2004

Bunbury webcam - There's a Bunbury Western Australia webcam at -

By i live in bunbury its a hole no waves nothin , 16-06-2004

totally epic what the hell - totally epic surf here mate, i think you need surf some reel wave not crappy wave like sidies it should only have 1star as it a crap wave, it get some pretty fun wedges but DEFINTLY NOT A TOTALLY EPIC WAVE.

By DK king , 09-06-2004

SIdies sweetness - I have surfed sidies recently before the winter winds kicked in and i had 1 of the best surfs i have had in bunno. on the take off i got sick dk barrels then had eetha a carve section or pick up speed for the air section. totaly epic

By brock nelson , 07-05-2004

idiots - sidies is a sik spot when it gets workin there is some powerful wedges nice barrels and lots of lips to hit.all round when its good id give it a 7 out of 10

n.n.noodles by anonymous
19 Jan 2004
ive been here during last winter and im from england. surfed around perth for a month wouldnt say 5* the box is and red bluff but not here. im from england and i think its a 3*. think about it if a pomme says its not very good then it cant be by your oz standards

sick by anonymous
22 Dec 2003
i surfed it last holidays at 3ft, just after surfin douth. Pretty fukn sick !!!pretty empty too. sure beats perth

sidies is hell good by josho
24 Nov 2003
sidies is the best wave around about 5 times a year when its good its like 2 ft and the 3 and 4 footers wegde then 2 seconds later closes out. hell gooood hey

new to bodybording by anonymous
9 Oct 2003
hey i live in bunbury but only been here 4 2 weeks the explation on where to find it dosent make sence it says its to the right of the surf club with the locals call the back beach i have been down there plenty of times and wouldnt call it a decent surf at all iz there a mistake in where i am going or iz the report bullshit?

Its allright by brock nelson
21 Sep 2003
i dont think sides should be classed as five star on a good day when its workin ya get some good wedges but its not bad but doesnt always work

imature wankers by scuba steve
10 Mar 2003
grow up guys, what do ya think people from other countries are gonna think wen they see our comments! pic up your game and keep lovin the ocean.

easterly swell ???? top 30 ???? by steve thomas (mandurah local)
3 Mar 2003
hmmmmmm easterly swells aye, more like westerly, hmmmmmm top 30 in the world aye, there is no where between geralton and bunbury that has a chance of being in the top 30 in the world, the guy who wrote this must of been off his face!!!!

yr8 people are gay by jamo and reno
10 Dec 2002
i know its one of u little geeks, why are u using an anonymous name.. what to scared!! pull a rude finger at me , call fagget from a passing car or sumthing come on! i dare ya!!

calabrese and jammo by anonymous
7 Dec 2002
calabrese rubs the greese on jammos cock

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By anonymous , 14-03-2004

sik mate - sidies is a sik spot when it gets workin there is some powerful wedges nice barrels and lots of lips to hit.all round when its good id give it a 7 out of 10

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