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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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French Polynesia

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By wassupbro96 , 10-04-2011

Huahine surf - Great place to go to, not too many people and good atmosphere. Great place to stay is the Te Tiare Beach resort. The hotel is amazing and rooms are spacious, also they have transports right to the surf breaks. My favorite is definately Fitii, which is an amazing right. For the Fitii break i would definately recommend reef shoes because the reef is close, and don't get too close to the dry reef off to the right. The waves are amazing and make surf not to catch too many inside waves, just because you'll suddenly find yourself in a foot of water. Be ready for the surf or just watch from the channel, the best waves have the big bowl at the end, and my reccomendation would be to wait for the smaller set waves at the end. Had a great time, and be respectful to the locals, and the'll be respectful back.

By aloharobin , 23-12-2010

Great Experience - Went to Huahine during late April and had consistent quality surf in the 3-5' range. Locals were quite friendly , albiet I am a wahine from Hawai'i.

By Flavio , 04-09-2009

Flavio from brazil - heading to Huahine from Brazil with 6-8 of my friends. Maybe a photographer to show our country men how good it is. Can anyone tell where to stay. Are there friendly local girls there too maybe easy to get because we will only be there for a month. I here the locals can be tough, maybe we show them our new jujitsu moves. Please let me know.

By Dan Stocks , 07-05-2006

Huahine is an awsome place - I went to Huahine in April of 96 to surf for a week and had a great time. The surf was great and the locals were friendly. Not at all like what I am seeing posted. I had a great time surfing and hanging out down by the dock in Fare. Played a lot of basketball with the kids and the Morman missionaries. The Tahitian people are some of the friendliest people on earth. In just a week I felt as if I was part of their family. When I left I gave alot of them my address so that I could someday repay the hospitality they showed me. It's their home and show them the same respect you would expect at your home. As far as Huahine locals are concerned they are always welcome at my house.

By huahine boy , 03-05-2006

urd! - 4 other informations, smith(tahitians in general) is kind if u know how not to be an asshole too! he makes a very good i'a hota, haha! rigth?

By huahine boy , 03-05-2006

by anonymous - man u must be scared by smithy, or u forgot to sign ur message! we hav ten times better wave that u guys have, why would we come in california? if u reply don't forget ur name! (u can find me in fitii my name is teare)

By anonymous , 28-04-2006

Good for you smith - Go back and dont ever come to my island....if I see you in California I'll make sure you are treated how you treated me, and your nephew.

By a huahine youngster , 13-04-2006

totaly agree with smith - I can't believe that huahine is on the internet and i don't like that web site to show all of those secret tresor. like smith said, no body owns the ocean but american guys are worst localists than we are i think! Our people is known as a very kind and welcoming people but it's so fucking obvious that if a bunch of 10 white ass get to surf there at the time... what do you expect? its a small country !

By anonymous , 27-03-2006

bad vibes - have surfed all over the world, no where has bad vibes like huahine, in the surf, on the one smiles or says hello, the place sux, dirty hole

By Tau Here , 22-03-2006

A Very Special Place - SL,

I just read your message, I know you are a nice guy! You are one of the kindest people I have ever known, with a big heart and lots of love for family, friends and people who know what it means to share.

I miss surfing Fitii, riding around in the 'Chick Magnet', and eating sashimi with you and the Little Monster. I will never forget those times. I hope you are happy in Hawaii, surfing and having fun. Get barrelled for me!

Huahine Forever!

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