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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 French Polynesia

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By oceannomads , 30-03-2016

Sailing and Surfing in Tahiti - Hi all, We are sailing to Tahiti next month, and will be exploring the islands looking for the best surf spots. Room for up to 4 keen surfers to join us. August - October 2016. or email:

By mtksurfer , 06-12-2007

- how do i get boards there????? read post below

By Anonymous , 06-12-2007

- How did you all get to bring your boards down to tahiti-moorea. Im goingthere for my honeymoon next nov 08 and on air tahiti i see tha they dint allow you to bring your board. Are there places down there to rent???? I dont think there is personally but what do i know

By Taaroa Toomaru , 09-11-2007

Surfing the islands - Ia'orana/G'day People:)

Im a Australian/Tahitian whos gonna be in Tahiti/Moorea/Huahine and the Tuamotus surfing in December and February 2007/2008.

If anyone is in the area during this time and are keen for a surf then drop us a line at

By Anonymous , 20-07-2007

- i dont hink that is true when i went i brought my 7' 2" maybe they made a mistake and how would the pros bring there boards

By Kent Prause , 23-05-2005

Travel to Huahine - When I contacted Air Tahiti by email, they informed me the longest surfboard that could go by air is 6' 10" on inter-island plane! I hoped to take a longer board. Is this correct? Would appreciate any help from someone who knows or has been. Thought about sending as cargo on supply boat, but I think they only go once a week and are unreliable. Email at or post return here. Thanks

By Blond blond , 04-09-2003

en français dns le texte - J'avais de vrais amis tahitiens qui n'auraient jamais osés écrire ce genre de choses, même en anglais.

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