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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playa lagosta

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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By The Goat , 07-04-2009

Langosta - Rivermouth can be heavy. Beachbreak south of rivermouth can be nice too but be careful of reef/rock. Sliced my toe pretty good. Early morning on mid/high tide is best. Practically deserted. crossing with the currents in the estuary is fun too.

By Anonymous , 09-04-2008

yellowblack - If you look south of the rivermouth, you will see a closed out beach / shore break that looks small with fast grinding tubes from far away. It actually has fast grinding stand up tubes and is only surfed by locals. If you have the skill and guts to drop into a walled up thundering super fast hollow wave it could give you a great intense tube. There is a main place (hole?) where it forms shoulders for the waves breaking north or south of it, but I aint saying nothin. Fast, free falling, looks like a close out but isnt, thundering, shallow, sand bottom ( except for one random rock-good luck) vertical, drops and tubes. The main spot with the peak and the rock at the river mouth, blah blah blah is not what Im talking about. That place is crowded, filled with kooks, smells like feces (because the river is full of it) has rocks sticking up here and there and is fat and slow at higher tides and good and hollow at low. Low tide at Tamarindo, including Pico Grande, means no surf or rocks sticking up in the face of the wave at Pico Grande. But look beyond langosta River mouth at the tiny fast tubing waves, as you walk and walk and walk it gets bigger and bigger. If you are a kook or less then highly talented, its a dumping close out. If you are talented and are on a short board it make Playa Grande look like detritus, and you will come out of the tube to boost an air or bash the lip or do a spectacular floater of the end section that hooks in a bit.

By Over hyped poo , 18-09-2006

What spot - Been here for a year and this spot sucks. Playa Grande is a beach that actually has shape and could be called a spot. I guess a backed off closed out wave is a spot in Costa Rica. The only thing that is worse is Tamarindo, stingy ray capital of Costa Rica. Good luck. Other spots north or south have shape and are legit surf spots

By Matty P , 06-09-2006

Barcelo - Just got back from Costa yetserday, surfed Longasta for 10 days. Caught the end of one swell, start of another, good surf, playfull when not big. Little crowded, and I was one of those "Barcelo" tourests who CAN surf, and I agree that there is little to no edict when it gets crowded, but I still managed to snatch some killer morning sessions alone or with one or two other surfers. All in all, good break, great country, hell of a time. Locals are chilled-out too.

By skipjack. , 24-03-2006

sweet as it gets - This spot is asbolutely sweet. Unlike Tamarindo it is not absolutely overrun with kook tourists taking to the water with massive blue or yellow longboards. This spot has a river mouth, a beach break and lava reef way out the back. When the swell gets big enough, this spot holds it's size, it cranks and it spanks. I was lucky enough to surf the reef out back at double overhead with local champ Frederico Pilurzu out too. Totally rad. enough said.

By thanks , 16-05-2005

Best Place to Stay near Langosta? - Where are some good surfer-oriented spots to stay in Langosta?

By jette. , 07-03-2005

...... - i just got back from the tamarindo area about 3 weeks ago and langosta was great. better than the tamarindo rivermouth. langosta got alittle crowded(the most i saw was about 20 people in the water) but it was still occasional left, but mostley good rights..offshore everyday.

By anonymous , 04-03-2005

Used to Be Sweet - Full of Euro Kooks on logs who will drop in on you and cartwheel

By Paul, SD Cali , 04-03-2005

All Kidding Aside - Can I get some "constructive" info on how well the Tamarindo area breaks during the July - Aug months. Planning my second trip.

By Guanacaste used to be fun , 28-01-2005

Calling bullshit what it is - To the person that blamed the crowding at Langosta on the Barcelo, you're way off base.
You can tell the Barcelo people by the wristband they make them wear cuz it's all inclusive.
Surfed there for a week straight and never saw more than 3 Barcelo people in the water at one time, the Barcelo is full of fat tourists, not surfers.
Biggest problem I ran into is it never got big enough to thin the kooks out of the water.
The crowds here are a result of expats, or "new" locals who fill the lineup bobbing around like bouys and dropping in on anything and anyone. Talked to a couple of dudes who had moved there to get in on the real estate boom and had just took up surfing a few months ago.
A few months experience, a big log surfboard, and out there talking trash and dropping in on surfers. What a joke.
Came close to clocking one of those assholes after he stuffed me on a nice right. Get a clue you jackasses, I don't care if you rented a house there or bought a place or whatever, if surfing is a new hobby for you, you need to learn the etiquette of the lineup and show some respect to the real surfers out there.

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