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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Las flores

El Salvador

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By jboe , 20-05-2011

Truthful disclosure deserves better - Two stars here? Cmon.. Anyone who has seen any videos or photos of Donovan Frankenreiter, or who has seen has seen "Out There", has seen this place GOING OFF... I went back (third time) in January with my son and a friend.. Nuts. I realize circumspection and "respect" require nondisclosure of certain secret spots but when this place has two-page ads in the mags, well, the secret is out. Here's to more forthcoming ratings on the spots described on this website.

By Anonymous , 07-10-2008

crowded - On a big swell everyone goes there. Certain Brazilians have no surf etiquette.

By tommo , 12-10-2007

las flores "surfcamp" - just go up the hill right hands side and stay in the family run homestay for 5 $ a night the locals should get the money not the gringo tour operaters you don t need a boat to any of these surfspots unless your disabled and you cannot ride a bus swim or walk

By Anonymous , 18-09-2007

options - The point is fun on low tide - throwing fun tubes that aren't too hard to get and mushier at high tide. Winds kicked up around 10 a.m. most days I was there (Sept) and made things not so fun - the evening sometimes glasses off, but it was not a given that it would do so.
The wave has a distinct take off spot at the top of the point, but can section in the middle of the cove and if people were caught taking it slow. The first night out there were 20 people I counted in the line up, but that was the most crowded it got - several times I was one of two or three people).

Options for staying - Las Flores $$$, but everything in the world is provided.
One place was clean - nothing flashy - 4 rooms holding up to 12 people total - around $50 a night - food is extra, boats extra, but toilets and running water were provided. The next place was a total dive - stay for $5 a night - share a room with someone - a fan and a family that lives there is about all there is. Four cinder block rooms with a steel door and no windows (one line of cinder block had air vents) for $10 a night. The last place was a nicer set up - camping for $5 a night - bring your own tent on a clean farm near the water, which made it cool.

By majani , 18-06-2007

Flores Surfcamp - I agree... Biggest rip off. Perfect for americans though, all inclusive,pasta & hamburgers full air con etc...
The only positive thing is that they weren't able to "privatize" the break, so by paying 10 $ a night you can have the same waves!!! A gringo has however privatized Km 59 and uses very arguable methods to keep people out...

By Anonymous , 26-01-2007

Listen!!!! - Do not give wavehunters your cash. They are destroying the whole vibe. Las Flores surf camp is the biiggest rip off going. Book your flight and stay with the locals for 7 bucks a night... Way cooler!!!

By Anonymous , 09-10-2006

Mix messages - This spot has more mixed reviews than any other. Ive heard everything from its Longboard wave to a Powerful wave, 50 meter wave to 300 meter and crowded to uncrowded... I guessing it is in between these...?

By Anonymous , 27-08-2006

adventure is dead - you are idiots, people who use this site are idiots. is there no sense of adventure or discovery anymore?

By anonymous , 23-05-2006

good waves - Just got back from another great El Salvador trip.I have been visiting for the last 10 years and I am optimistic that the trips will continue as I have made some great friends there. The friendly locals rip and WILL surf better than you unless you are a pro or close to it.
Uncrowed sessions with just the 9 bros you brought along are non existent.It will be crowded. The travel company whores have once again sunk their greedy paws into a great place.You dont need Wavehunters(Punta Mango) or Waterways.Just book your ticket along with a little sense of adventure. Las Flores and Punta Mango are VERY GOOD waves but Im not sure about the future of the area. Actually I am sure about the future of this beautiful place and its sad.
Have fun

By anonymous , 28-07-2005

Crowded Now - Punta Mango surf tours now has a hotel on the beach directly in front of las flores with room for 24 people. 2 or 3 boats at punta mango itself is the norm now. Don't expect to find empty waves down here anymore.

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