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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Punta morena

Mexico, Gulf

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By mariana , 10-12-2008

Mariana Oliveira - i am waiting for the waves... IN MEXICO !!!!!

By , 18-07-2006

Lost without sound..... - Luis, Fernando, nacho... those were the pioners of this secret surf oasis....shhhhhh you have to have patience to wait for this swell.... these guys and the localDudes will share a board if you know what your doing and you dont try too hard to inpress.I love you Sandra!!!!! Love you Gortalli aka Pelone! Christia in Cali

By Kdub in Cozumel , 10-03-2006

board rentals? - Who is Peter? Is he a local in Cozumel? Where can I find him and how beat up are the boards he rents?

By , 03-03-2006

- begining of june

By , 03-03-2006

guide ih - illbe there from a cruise ship all day one day in the begining. would love a local to meet up with my buddy and i where the cruise ships dock and bring us to the best spot in the area thats working.will glady pay for this im sure we can agree on something.y hablamos espanol si no hablas ingles. write and e-mail and well work out a price on some other things if spmeone is interested.

By , 30-01-2006

3rd week of February, surf spots? - coming in on a cruise ship, want to surf. Is Punta Morenas the only spot for a quick day trip to paddle out?

By i just need a little somethin , 30-11-2004

Gulf Swell - I'm going to Cozumel in December and I was wondering if anyone knew if swell is likely around this time. The frequency has a high listing but Cozumel being in the Gulf of Mexico has me kind of skeptical. Is it worth it to bring a board? Thanks in advance.

By Luis Alcaraz , 25-10-2004

cozumel - there are more spots near the area, with different types of waves, if you are there check them, chen rio is also a good spot.

By anonymous , 28-09-2004

Little Sloppy, but great considering lack of options... - I was there for a few days at the end of May, and there was some sloppy wind swell there most of the time. Definitely fun with a good atmosphere. Peter is the local who rents boards out of the back of the bar, but don't let him jack up the price if you go back for a second session.

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