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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Jalisco

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By senorpescado , 26-04-2011

Pasquales - this IS the largest biggest beach break in Western hemi, been surfing there since 1977, and I have surfed worldwide
stay in town, is best, no night life even then but surf eat sleep. lots of times it was TOO big, even for those such as us, hatteras surfers and even Derrick Doerner once, we would many times have to go to Boca de Piza or Ticla, or up to secret spot near Manzinillo
I also will drive back to El Salvador[best warm water waves on this planet] and pick up Uncle Steve in Bonfiel, another great huge beach break, he is Mexican master surf champ, 72 y.o.
Mexico Rules, no worries be nice respect the people

By sally , 27-07-2010

Team MEXICAN - Check out Dayne Olsen!

By Anonymous , 26-06-2010

Danger? - I'm heading to Pascuales July 2, i am wondering what the crime has been like in coastal Colima and Michoacan recently. Been there before and it's too good to be scared by stories of gangs, but I've also heard that it's been sketchy at La Ticla recently. Anyone know what's going on right now? Safe for solo gringo to travel?
Gracias, Bruce

By Anonymous , 03-03-2010

Pascuales, holiday week , April '10 - Come to Pascuales, many music, beer, party, girls, surf...

All this for next April 2010

By Manu Ginobili , 21-12-2009

Question... - I want to party and am looking for chicks. Is this the place for me? As far as surf goes, I like it kind of fun, you know, for a fish or SUP or whatever. But mainly, I to party with chicks. Is this the best place for me?

By Anonymous , 19-08-2009

- I just back from pescuales after a week. I stayed at pacos for a couple of days until he turned off the ac. Be prepared to rough it unless you wanna stay in tecoman. The waves were by far the best I HAVE EVER SURFED!

By Anonymous , 13-08-2009

Choice Pascuales Land - Marty's land is for sale (across from Edgar's). It's 2 palapa houses plus a brick 2-story. Not sure about the price or contact but I just wanted to get the word out...

By naha , 20-07-2009

frewuigi - "hahaha , theres gotta be headhigh days no, ???" MMm round the corner creo que si , but generally this is a powerful break , destroys boards with ease and has sneaker sets from hell .Great wave , kiff tubes and a bodyboardwave excellent. Oh a hardcore crew wave too. Hard-C@nts they are .On a small day I broke my board leash , lost a fin and dislocated my shoulder ... on a single wave .hahaha.

By Anonymous , 08-05-2009

How gnarly? - From san diego, been surfing my whole life on an almost daily basis and was planning on heading down this summer for the south swells. But how gnarly is it really? Whoever wrote the page makes it seem like a mexican teahupoo. As I said, I'm experienced, but can't honestly say I'm an "EXPERT TUBERIDER" -haha. Theres gotta be head high days that are challenging but not life or death, no?

By Phudson215 , 14-10-2008

Mexico too dangerous?? - I just got back from a trip to Mainland and really noticed the lack of gringos. Seams the cartel has us on the run. Check out the video of my trip:

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