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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La ticla

Mexico, Michoacan

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By arsone4179 , 26-07-2012

La Ticla - I just returned from my first trip to Mexico. Spent 5 days at La Ticla. The wave is very fun and not that heavy even at 10'. It is a very mellow place and very relaxing. There is one big problem with the place though. The people from the village of La Ticla are cool and respect your stuff, its the people that live in the mountains that aren't. When I was there some came down to the camp at around 3:30 in the morning, and tried to rip off one of the campers things. They would have been successful but on of them fell into someones tent, trying to get in, and broke there tent and some of there things in the process. The people in the camp area were waken up chased the banditos away. I hear its worse during the winter and spring months

By axel225 , 24-06-2012

Nice Place - This is a gorgeous beach. One of the best I have ever seen. The wave is heavy and tends to close-out. Expert surfers only!

By BagusSurfTravel , 18-06-2011

la ticla - not dangous at al! - we just staid a couple days at that beautiful spot and it was very nice and friendly. the road down is pretty long. like 40 minutes which is very long if u have to carry a big backpack and a couple of boards. there is no bus going down. try to hitchhike from begin on or order a taxi at the litle supermarket for 30 pesos.
at la ticla, there is one accommidation wich is definitely the best! right at the beachfront on the left hand side with the big round restaurant. we asked at a couple other hostels and they all wanted to have way more money a night that it was worth it. like 500 pesos for a ugly shack with a outdoor toilet you have to share with other rooms. the one on the beach front looks very new and clean and they charged us from begin on 250 pesos a night. maybe even less if you stay a week.

don't be afraid! just go to that awesome spot and have fun!

more about that:

By Anonymous , 13-05-2010

La Ticla - I was in the party of surfers who helped out the guys on April 29th and I can tell you it is a true story - I gave one of the guys a shirt because they stole that as well. We dropped them off in Tecoman so they could get to Pascaules where they were staying. People saying this is made up are fools. For me there are a ton of places to go where idiots with guns are not robbing people, mtr

By Anonymous , 06-05-2010

La Ticla Travel Advisory (true story) - The last La Ticla story is 100% true! I was a part of different surf party who found the two who escaped later in the afternoon. We found them on the side of the road with bloody feet and adrenaline pumping. They waved us down and we drove them back to La Ticla and packed our own camping equipment immediatley. We dropped them off at the town to the north of La Ticla, i forget the name. We still don't know what happened to the other 2 who went into town to get the ransom.

By Anonymous , 06-05-2010

Fake Comment - Its obvious the last comment was a fake, WE GOT OUT OF OUR TIES. To make it more real you should have said we untied ourselves, good try though.

By Anonymous , 04-03-2010

la ticla banditos armed robbers - on feb 5th 2009, in the middle of the night we were robbed blind by 5 armed robbers. woken up by guns in our faces, whether you were in a tent hammock or trailer.they were somewhat civil as long as you cooperated. my group was camping on the furthest north side of the palapa, so we were woken up already an hour into the ordeal. They told us, "Tranquilo" and to get out of our hammocks, and tents. I was woken up first, of our group, and was reluctant to get out of my hammock, for fear of beating, or shooting. I physically got hit by the bandito, and still resisted. Eventually they had my camp, of 3 people, all woken up, and going through our tents. We were then forced to an area that already had the entire rest of the people. We laid there for another half hour, in which time the banditos were putting blankets and towels over some of the peoples faces. It was cold, so I didn;t know what to think. Luckily, someone staying in a van, woke up hearing a commotion. He thought a scorpion bit someone, or someone was sick. He walked up, and the banditos saw him, and chased him. He ran in front of his van, and we heard a shot. We cannot say whether the shot was in the air, or in his direction of him. This caused a scare in the banditos. They took a guadalajaran local, and his Toyota SUV hostage, as his wife watched in horror. He was forced to drive through a rope baracade, which broke his windshield, and then had to drive them 15 minutes off the highway to a road that led into the eastern mountains. They ransacked his entire SUV, and both their wedding rings were stolen. In total, they approximately got 20 ipods, 20 cameras, and around $2000 US. Seeing that first hand was crazy, I never thought I would experience a situation like that, and was a little shaken up. We stayed for another 3 weeks, we figured they weren't coming back. The last week the highway was blocked by mobs of armed, and masked mexicans in two different checkpoints on either side of ticla. It didn't seem like they were messing with tourists this time, but it was pretty heavy. I just wanted to let anyone know that is thinking to go down there, that it isnt 100% safe there, and you are taking a chance going there.

By Anonymous , 03-03-2010

- Read the next local web page (spanish), about the problem in the road at Ticla...

By Anonymous , 25-02-2010

Problems in La ticla and La placita - Roads blocked off between La Placita And Ticla. Please be advised that time is needed to be given to this area for it to calm down. I would recommend a few more months before returning. All things take time in Mexico So please be patient.

By Anonymous , 21-02-2010

clarification or addition to robbery story - not certain the last 2 post refer to the same incident, but at Ticla, on feb 6, 2010, 5-6 banditos armed with 2-3 guns, and some knives, proceeded to approach one tent after another, waking campers with petitions for money and valuables and showing their guns to keep them calm. they would collect the goods, then group the already robbed campers together, as the proceeded. this continued until the some comotion including one gunshot (not really trying to shoot anyone) caused the operation to be ceased, at which point the banditos selected one of the campers with an SUV to be the getaway driver for them. He returned unharmed 10 - 15 minutes later after driving them into the hills. That is what happened that night around 1:30 am. So just have in mind that stuff like this is going down. there were reports that a very similar event occured in Oct. so there you have it, now you know... the rest of the story.

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