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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Puerto Sandino


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By timmy the kid , 06-06-2012

Thank you Batman (aka Carlos) - Great story. Thank you for delivering justice where it was needed. However, I think you should have just gone ahead and castrated the guy, there bye doing the world a favor and preventing this guy from procreating and poising the world with his genetics for future generations.

By mict2000 , 15-09-2010

awesome, Carlos - Nothing worse then ex-pat (white guys) who think their locals. all my years in Hawaii ad the only guy to give me a hard time was some 40 year old donkey at Sunset when I was 18. I live iN Puerto Rico now, right on the beach, and will always consider myself a guest here. These jack ass Americans who go to other countries and try to claim it as their own need to get beat regularly. Who acts like that to other surfers? I grew up on Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, yes, a local, and I never treated anyone like that. It's old donkey tools who can't surf who act like that. There is a place for violence in the water (and on land). It's when kooks (not beginners, KOOKS) don't respect other surfers and don't follow the rules. Good on ya, Carlos. Next time save your money and come to Isabela, PR and get all the sick waves you can handle! PEACE.

By flippo , 15-09-2010

Carlos - You're my hero. Funny how people who are not even from there act as if they own the place. Seen it much in Bali.

By Carlos , 15-09-2010

Awesome Wave...Annoying Locals - Surfed here for a week in Aug of '09 and got it 4-6 feet and REELING for three of those days. But every single day at the same time, a small boat of "locals" (mostly ex-pats) showed up, yelling and bitching and snaking and splashing. Never once did I drop in, or even so much as hassle for a set. I speak fluent Spanish, was staying with a local family and tried my best to make peace. No dice. So, on my last morning there, when one of those guys burned me - hard - I lost it. I basically said, "If I see you in town tonite, I'm kicking your ass." Well, I went to the loser bar where they hang out, listen to crappy reggae and speak the Spanish equivalent of "bro," and, sure enough, there he was, tilting a Tona. So, I walked up to him, asked him to a apologize (even said I would buy us a round), but he refused so, I kicked the crap out of him. In some ways, I wish I hadn't (suffice it to say, I left town the next day...after rumors that "they" were "gonna get me"). I guess my point is, this is a good wave with a few knucklehead ex-pats douches who have claimed it as their own. Go here. Surf here. Take turns. And if that's not good enough, punch somebody.

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