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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Puerto Rico

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By Rockoaa , 22-11-2012

Tocones - We the Surfers from the 70-80s, considered Tocones as a " beginners or Spongers beach" as a matter of fact most of the 80s guys made a transition from El Sheraton to Tocones before we were allowed to prove ourselves in Aviones..not the case after the early 90s..but that's a different story all together., back to Tocones; First and foremost important pay to park or parked at Aviones and walk. The wave is swell friendly but really likes those N, NW w/ South Winds. There are three different peaks within Tocones the best being the take off between the showing reefs. I have personally rode that place perfect right and left with crystal clear waters with a ramp or tube section a quick snap or cuty and finish big a big floater, air or big sang under the curl. Not always that way as u can see on the submitted pics but it does happen and she hold a decent amount of water to provide u with a good amount of adrenalin rush. The bad ugly truth which applies throughout PR (minus the BIG wave spots), from the mid 90s to current date Spongers have become a pest..there're over 3 million boogie boarders on an Island that's 35 m by 100m. 60-80s there were boogie boarders but it was recreational and not seen at any of the real surfing spots throughout the island. 90s brought them and they are in all spots, they enter the water by the dozen, they take off deeper (total waist of waves) and they think they own the place being confrontational and aggressive. I was born in PR, but opted out in 87, always keeping tabs with the surf scene and making my occasional surf visit. I am 6'1", strong and fit and they will still give bad looks and even grabbed my leash when I burnt have stay with me here, think about it your waiting deep for your wave and these things go deeper and when get to see them from shore taking off on a jewl of a wave, overhead, A frame with juice...I couldn't allow that nonsense any longer and yes I bullied them but be cautious cause like I said earlier, they arrive together by the dozen. As per changing Tocones status to prosor honest opinion is to keep it as is since its a very forgiving wave and as depicted on the pics most likely a sponger submitted them and don't want anyone to know his big discovery. Peace to all but to builders, sellers designers of Boogie Boards PLEASE STOP IT!

By Anonymous , 25-11-2008

THE REAL TOCONES - The wave has three sections (the left rock, the sand middle, and las lajas (right reef).
I'd recomend they change the setting to experienced or kamikazi as people have gotten killed and severely injured recently surfing this spot.

For the last three months the left wave has provided only one thing for the REAl locals who charge it from the rock: CRAZY NASTY LEFTHAND BARRELS.
The wave comes from deepwater to meet a rock shelf which makes it unload into this mutant tube from takeoff. Only one way to make the drop: dont look at the wave coming down the line, dont think of the crazy mistake you are probably doing, short intense paddle and once get under that ledge put your head down and get ready
to pull in. Straighten out and it is bye bye baby.
Definetely not for kids

By Anonymous , 29-06-2006

Toco! - Loiza is Heaven papi! Los viejitos (old guys) en Social Place rule! Great Wave BTW. Impossible when it gets huge.

By Arty , 26-03-2005

Direction Update - Take 187 toward Loiza park at the "Social Place" pay $2 to park and cross the street.

By ElQueParto , 14-01-2004

tocones - If you go to tocones be carefull with the people because is a place full of people learning (gremos) throwing boards everywhere real crazy with no control. Thats the hazard thing there.And the localism is no problem there if you rip they will suck on you real hard.haha when the locals get good they dont go back they move to the next neighboor beach aviones.

By Kalani , 09-12-2003

Verdadera caracteristica de Tocones - Soy local de Tocones, siempre lo corro cuando vienen marejadas grande del Oeste. Es un spot bueno para aprender cuando la marejada esta pequeña. Pero cuando esta grande ( 8 a 9 pies de cara ) hay que tenerle respeto, cuando esta en esas condiciones es una ola completamente distinta, suele ser solida al romper, se corre desde atras de la peña una izquierda super tubiada y su lip es algo ancho cuando esta del oeste; Yo le digo el MINI- TEAHUPOO jejeje cuando esta grande de verdad... Donde rompe la ola hay un Reef, que hay q estar pendiente a ella, ya que si te das un wipeout vas a ir directo al Reef y no sera una visita agradable, hay personas que se han cortado la cara y quebrado costillas cuando caen en La Peña( reef).... Visiten la playa, cuando halla un swell del oeste y con tamaño.... veran el verdadero tocones!!!!

By anonymous , 19-07-2003

ripeando - tocones esta fino cuando esta grande pero es una lavadora del cara...!!!! si cores una izquierda brutal pero es una ola detras de otra una lavadora no existen los sets pa entrar tienes que joder !!!pero vale la pena ir !! otro es ve por la manan por que despues de el medio dia ai veces que ai como 30 personas en el agua!!!!

By naboria , 14-01-2003

El tocon - El Tocon es una locura. Siempre hay olitas, y puede ser desde la peor basura hasta unas olas increibles, especialmente la izquieda saliendo del bowl. Si corres la izq. cuidado con las rocas en el takeoff zone. Se han ahogado surfers ahi en dias medianos/grandes

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