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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 St Martin

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By Anonymous , 17-11-2008

Swells - I am coming to visit the island and have been searching for some nice swells around the area. Any advice to some local spots. I just wanna check out some swells not trying to interrupt your style. Comment back with any advice.

By Anonymous , 21-10-2008

shut up - No-ones trying to sell the island to you for surfing. So stop with the bullsh**.
Here is a place with waves, just not worldclass. Dont come here

By Anonymous , 14-08-2008

St. Martin - Don't go here. You'll get skunked. I just got back from an extended stay and I only got to surf once! It was always blown to hell or flat as a lake. I hiked for miles and found amazing beaches but no surf. This place has potential but odds are you aren't going to get waves anywhere on this island.

By Anonymous , 28-05-2008

exposed - st. martin is overrun over developed and oversurfed: who cares if your spots are on the map> between you and the 1000 kooks out there, one extra does not make a difference

By Anonymous , 06-01-2008

4 real ??? - These are our local breaks we,ve been surfing them for over 20 years.
Not only have you exposed our spots, you also have all the names wrong !!. Come on man we leave people surf here. Just show a little respect catch some waves and go home!!

By mtksurfer , 05-12-2007

- actually there is surf in st maarten.... cupecoy has had surf ive been there and their is also hidden spots all around the island that if you dont know locals you probably wont get their. its either a hike or a boat ride. There are more breaks on the french side then the dutch. The best break if you have access to a boat is off orient beach on the french side about a half mile out... of you have been there then you will know what im talking about.

By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

- that's funny i spend 3 months there and had several good sessions, at Gallion, Garbage Dump and an awesome session at Cupecoy - even with offshore wind. Not the best surf destination in Caribbean but there certainly waves.

By Anonymous , 03-11-2007

There is NO SURF in st maarten - I spent 2 yrs on that damn island and there is NO SURF on St Maaerten. NONE. The damn tradewinds blow 300 days a yr onshore on the north/east side. Unfortunately this is where all the swell ( when I say all , Imean about 3 foot high sloppy windswell) hits so it's always ruinned, even at dawn. The other side of the island had a swell from a hurricane exactly TWICE in 2 yrs I lived there and it was PACKED with ten thousand frenchies and their boogie boards. I spent 2 yrs on that damn island, trust me NO WAVES.

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