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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Virgin Islands

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By readytheroof , 06-09-2012

USVI wave type and board - I'm moving to St. Thomas for a job and am wondering what the waves are like so I can either keep or sell my current board (6'7'' hybrid short board). I've never surfed a reef break, so I can't really guess what sort of shape the wave'll have. I'm thinking of picking up a quad fish in order to have something versatile (looks like there is some power on some days, but on average its a bit mushy?). My only concern is that I might sometimes need more rail if the waves are steep? Any thoughts out there?

Also, any general tips or stories about the USVI would be greatly appreciated - I'm very excited about the move.

By Anonymous , 31-12-2009

localism - nobody in the virgin islands can surf anyways so localism shouldnt exist cause if you suck it makes no difference and agro vibes keep surfers safe in the line up of heavey surf scaring off kooks and keeping quality surfers from getting hurt by idiots crushing sections or not respecting priority so quit bein pussys take off on a bomb get barreled and the locals well be stoked

By Jeff Moore , 03-02-2009

looking for St Croix local guide - I grew up in Hawaii & Calif and will be visiting my daughter in St Croix in late March. I am 58 yrs old but grew up surfing everyday since I was a tiny kid and know all about localism, protecting your spot,etc. I went through the whole competition thing, mellowed in my twenties then moved away 30 years ago. I live in Minnesota now. I get back to Hawaii occasionally to surf with my friends but my trip to St Croix is to see my daughter and maybe go surf somewhere one day only. I am willing to pay a local guy to take me somewhere mushy and easy to surf. I have no board and may want to just paddle around a lot since I have a blown out knee. I do have a few stories that you may find interesting of the old days in Hawaii. Then again it may just bore you. If interested my wife & I will be staying near Fredricksted at a place called Northside Valley. We will have a car.

By Anonymous , 14-12-2008

Ziggy - I surfed Caret Bay for two days without seeing a single person. The waves were about head high and pretty good form. On the third day of my trip I went to Hull Bay and started talking to a few people about my experience at Caret. Everyone I talked to could not believe I went down there! I talked to about six people their just to make sure they weren't trying to steer me away from that beautiful place, but all of their concern was consistent. A couple of 20+ year residents said their is a group of kids down there that will slash your tires, throw rocks at you etc. I started believing them after the sixth person. Lucky for me I got two fun days their with no one out! Hull was fun as well. The guys in the line-up were fun to surf with. So, to sum it up, the only hostility I experienced was in the stories, not reality.

By Anonymous , 25-09-2008

USVI Surfers Bar - Where is a good place to meet up with local surfers in St. Thomas for a few beers and a chat about surfing there? I'm going to visit in NOv-Dec and will bring my board. I'd like to hang out with some of you guys!

By Anonymous , 08-08-2008

surfing VI - "Home break" does NOT mean we OWN a break... Mother Earth only can claim right. We are ALL just "renters" no matter how long we think we have been in the area. Share and care... otherwise the REAL landlord may thump us all.

By Anonymous , 25-07-2008

- So Tortola is the best island in the VI to surf? How consistent is it in November - December?

By Anonymous , 17-07-2008

ONE LOVE - I was born and raise st thomas. Don't live there now but like everywhere locals getting more agro...too much people trying to look for good waves in warm water. All the rude bwoys at caret grew up there their dads grew up there. they are just trying to protect what they see as their rightful inheritance. wanna go on surf vacation go BVI. shit come to hawaii and ill show you the same kinda rude bwoys just trying to protect their inheritance too!

By Anonymous , 14-07-2008

BVI Surfing - Wow guys, why all the tension? I thought it would be nice to just chill out, catch some waves and have a few beers with new friends? That's what we do in Ireland.

By Anonymous , 07-07-2008

not all caret bay locals...... - I did not intend to offend all caret bay locals with reply to the one kook about not surfing there..we will eat all you white peolpe up... bla bla bla...He just pissed me off with his racist remarks...the statesiders bring money there and the locals who wants to stay in the same spot and surf the same break all the time...boring...I show everybody respect and expect the same...he is such a big local and he can even spell the name right..caret not I just noticed from the last comment...what a kook....

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