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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Chambre d Amour

France, Basque Country

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By mathieu , , 10-11-2005

the spot - c'est un des meilleur spot d'anglet avec des vagues qui, quand sont consistante, creuse bien avec des bon tube a faire. un take off puissant et creux le pied total !!!!!

By Whitaker , 02-10-2005

share your stories - a guy in New Zealand is cordinating a surf movie and he wants people's footage from around the world regardless of who is surfing it etc - as long as the surf is beautiful. all accepted submissions will get paid and some profits will go to the surfaid charity. The story is basically this - if you sucked all of the oceans dry we'd be standing on one island - we're all really similar and get a huge buzz from surfing whether we're in Bulgaria or australia. Email for more info

By Mondo , 19-08-2005

A little advice when going to Anglet. - The thing is with the Chambre D'Amour is that it's always going to be 2-3 bigger than the Grand Plage just around the Lighthouse. Anywhere north of Madrague are your best bet for less crowds, but having said that it doesn't get bnusy in the water until 11 am anyway. Basically if you get to the best anytime before 10, the locals are all still in bed. If it's really big (8 - 12 ft) there are 2 options; you go to Cavaliers or you go south of the Lighthouse, up against the wall at the Cote de Basque is always a good bet. The reason for that it's going to be cleaner. The only time of the year to not go to Biarrtz is the first two weeks of August in my opinion; it's super crowded, and normally flat.

By surfer from finlandia , 13-12-2004

I love basqies - I was surfing there in october and i loved it. Waves were really good and people so nice as possible, just so friendly. I love you all guys in basque country!

By anonymous , 02-11-2004

- really nice place ...just returned from a weekend trip....scored 6-8ft superbommies........for nice residence check appartement Mer du Golf 77 eur for 3 pers 1 tide is low -mid

By Unit2wax , 17-08-2004

fast - This is a cool place, a nice sandy beach and lots of surf shops (for broken boards). The waves are very fast and steap, there can be a pounding shore-brake. Be there early in the summertime and enjoy the drive through down town Biarritz,with some nice mellow music, when you leave after a good day of surfing. In july and august there are a couple of tournaments ($100.000). Visit the rainbow surfshop, they got it all

By Marush , 14-10-2003

Super - I was there in the beginnig of october and the waves was very good 3m - 4m. Great weather, no people, realy good.

By T.H. , 08-04-2003

great spot - surfed it in november 2001....epic day even 4m + holds big swells well... + it's close to the city...great locals for's the place to be in the area...le club is better than the rest in anglet

By surfer basque , 03-10-2002

oki - Entièrement d'accord avec toi Arnaud de R. ( !!! )
hi hou, demain ça rentre bien gros...

By Arnaud de R. from la Barre 1968 , 30-09-2002

Yeah - Tu as raison d'etre fier de tes racines, c'est fondamental.
Je n'ai rien contre les Basques (non violents tout du moins).
Je garde d'excellents souvenirs de sessions au pays basques avec des surfers si comme partout il y a des mecs qui se la jouent bcp pour souvent pas grand chose...
Et finalement, les mecs qui volent et cassent les voitures ne sont meme pas des surfeurs, mais plutot des gosses pas bien la a vouloir me faire croire qu'ils sont pauvres...y'a de la marge...c'est pas encore le 1/3 moi perso ca me coute cher et je roule pas sur l'or. Dans mes 5 dernieres descentes sur la cote, on m'a ouvert 3 fois ma voiture...une vielle Punto sans rien dedans...
Finalement j'ai envie d'etre polemique et de dire que les mecs qui se la jouent a l'eau ce sont des surfeurs qui ont pas un super niveau, qui souvent ont un peu une attitude de losers et qui n'ont pas eu l'opportunite de voyager.
La hierachie a l'eau c'est important pour la securite et que ca ne soit pas n'importe quoi, mais y'a des mecs qui sont primaires et qui se font des films...
Allez bon surf, il va faire beau toute la semaine...Octobre c'est ma saison preferee pour surfer la Cote Basque et les Landes...Vous serez les bienvenus pour surfer/skier la powpow chez moi aux Arcs cet aussi je guelle quand y'a des mecs qui font n'importe quoi n'importe ou et qui n'ont pas un low profile quand les jours sont bons, mais j'essaie pas d'intimider tout le monde pour me sentir superieur.

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