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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Saint tugen

France, Brittany South

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By Anonymous , 11-05-2009

- There is even 3 "Capsurf"
i'm the real one!
The 1st one is a "Bodyboarder liar" again, who wants to keep her girlfriend

By Capsurf , 08-05-2009

rectification!! - There is 2 "Capsurf"!
the other one behind "Yann" is not me...but a "LIAR" who do bodyboard!
sorry fann

By yann , 22-04-2009

Yann - Me ? a fake ? hé hé :-)

By Capsurf , 21-04-2009

local rules of LIFE - I'm native surfer from Cap Sizun from century!

The real One!!!! (not like that fake yann)Cool

The real native don't introduce People, it's you to say "Hi!" first...& we can be friends!

There is no Localism, local surfer "Share the wave", & "Priority to the extremity" & we like to jump in the water (not beginner)

It's not "paris" or "Vendée" not "france" but "Cap Sizun"!!!!

Dont go the this stupid Pub called "L'escale" with this stupid's fake people from Paris who don't understand our life (me & crozon)!!!!

You have to learn the rules of .....Life first ....from we live Smile

& we can be friends after!

By Anonymous , 12-09-2007

Mon Dieu! - If God was a wave, this would be his church. A winter wave to die and cry for. Low tide sucky brilliance. High tide when it's big, a mutant shorey to challenge even MI's in Kernow. Ashes will definitely be scattered here. Might even leave Biarritz for this God-soaked place. Amen.

By G , 26-12-2006

what a fucking spot - i really this spot, the wave can be very powerful and you can shout good barrels even if it often close.

By anonymous , 23-12-2005

St hugen top spot do not miss it - well, well, I probably shouldn't tell ya (as I'm a local)but this place really rocks , believe me ! never really works at high tides(shore break may work) only low tides. wind needs to be north or north-east any swell except north (north west may work if swell 's strong enough. Let me tell you : best beach break ever in brittany when all conditions are present : hollow waves hold till 2m high. A must surf ! wanna surf it : let me know ( by the way, the spot is ideal for bodyboards, good shortboarders shall enjoy, longboards ? well, forget it ! see ya !

By anonymous , 31-10-2005

very good spot - i was in saint tugen in october 2005.waves were very holds swells until 3-4m.when baie des trepasses is closing out come here, have a nice session and talk to the locals.the photo which is taken in october shows how good it can be.but at hightide keep an eye on the rocks in the middle of the beach.

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