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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By The.Eye , 17-08-2011

Eisbach Fever - and that´s the missing link


By The.Eye , 17-08-2011

Eisbach Fever - ... see some actual shots
have fun

By JanaZah , 26-11-2010

Question - Hey,
I just moved to Munich and found out there is a surf spot! I read the extra info though and got a bit scared...I miss surfing lots so of course I'd take any opportunity to get back on the board but safety is a total priority for me...I am not a beginner but definitely not a pro...I started on a shortboard but lately mostly longboarded as the waves are usually better for a lonagboard for my level in Maui..And I could also surf only a few months out of the year..can anybody tell me if I should rather stay away from Eisbach or could give it a try? I'll appreciate the reply, especially 'cause I'm considering asking a friend to transport my shortboard (6'8 - is it OK for Eisbach or too long?) with him on his flight back from Maui, which is not going to be cheap...Or is it possible to rent/borrow/buy (how much about?) a board in Munich?
thanks lots for answers and/or any comments. JANA

By Wolfe , 30-04-2010

- Hello i am wolfe from czech
I am inspired by kelly and surf marketing
I want to be cool so i will come to river and rip
I will then go to Gland and Nias
Even though i am super rookie
No problem though because there is thousands of fellow landlocked Euro kooks flooding the lineups of Indonesia
i will then get sponser
Any tips for when i come to river

By Local , 28-07-2007

check this out -

watch the videos and obey!!!

End of discussion on this board!!!

By chris , 21-06-2007

the locals are champs - This is an awesome little wave...its thousands of miles to the closet ocean with surf...And in the middle of munich...I was backpacking round europe for 7 weeks...and was stoked when i came across this wave...I live near the goldcoast in Australia and surf every week, this was the longest i havent surfed for...The day i went there it was a nice clean 2ft face but it was soo cold it snowed and was about 5degrees air temp the water was frigid....The guys surfing it were wearing 5mm sealed suits, with gloves booties and hoodies, on like 5'5" twinnies... One champ let me have a go on his board, i think he just wanted to see me get in... i went in wearing boardies but it was worth it... got a few little turns in, was so fun, they were busting out...

By Anonymous , 20-05-2007

Knowing riversurfers - Does anyone know a guy from capetown who studies economy in Munich and surfs at Eisbach???

By Anonymous , 24-10-2006

board hire???big reward!!!!! - hi
my girlfriend comes from stuttgart and we going check out the river on friday!!!!can i hire a board there???
monday i am flying back to my hometown:jbay.
if somebody can help me out wit a board on friday 27-10 or saturday 28-10 then that person will be rewarded with a free stay in my house in jeffreys bay anytime he or she wants....promised!!!!
i really wanna try this riverwave.

By , 14-08-2006

joshua from new zealand??? - hey man, we meet us in peniche and i promised you a sleeping place in gemany, remember?
me and mick we couldn´t find your camp before you moved on, so i hope you get my contakt here..


By , 04-08-2006

Schooled in Germany - When i was in Germany I had a chance to try and surf this place and its f'ing nuts. I ate it twice and ended up about 100yrds down the river and finally called it quits. I grew up surfing HB and Newport and surfed other well known spots around the world. These guys who surf this place have got a ton of STYLE and SOUL. I saw guys doing full cutbacks and ariels at this place. Instead of doggin these guys just be happy they like it and dont end up driving to your local spot and making you look stupid

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