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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By pascamax , 20-06-2017

Island ? Check ! - I am a poor surfer, eternal beginner. But despite this condition, I am one of the few that did surf in Iceland ! Awesome !

By Chris Burns , 05-08-2010

S.A.L.T - Surfer Agro Lacking Tolerance - In a world where there's no shortage of hatred and bigotry, we have yet another group to add to the list of those promoting hatred - S.A.L.T.

By Anonymous , 02-08-2010

Surfing in Iceland - Hi there
Check out and
These guys provide private guidance and rental.

By Xosmo , 21-02-2010

Looking for local info - Going to Reykjavik next week, and I'm hoping for at least one day of surf. Looking for locals to give me some inside info on the breaks, and maybe even someone to surf with? Any help is appreciated!


By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

haha - and i couldnt find who wrote this: "You might think icelanders are friendly but they do have other things on their mind!" ..but i can say that it's true, we're all unbelievably friendly but it doesnt mean that we think good about you, typically northerners,.. umm just be respectful

By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

teehee - hey buddy this is a top class place but just not for surfing :D

By Anonymous , 14-07-2007

any rentals? - Are there any places to rent boards? If not, is the surf worth dragging your board around the country for ten days?

To the guy who left the last message, what does this mean: "You might think icelanders are friendly but they do have other things on their mind!"
Are they not friendly? What is on their mind?

By , 04-07-2007

odd of todd land ole spuds FPG??????? - yo, wasin the land o ice once, surfed at 10 pm musta been june? wasnt that cold, wasnt warm, hooked up with george,went to a fun point i had a blast! my mother was chilling in the rental car, she was kinda bored, thinks surfing is like watching paint dry?,, oh well to each there own! also did a dip in the south side, didnt have my swim suit, did have my tighty-whiteys, but they really are more like the yellow-droopys,, oh the young girls liked them! but i had to conplain it was cold so there was some shrinkage,,?!

By Anonymous , 11-04-2007

To yellows.. - I'd recomend eating lots of rice to stay warm...maybe some dog aswell..

By Ólafur Ragnar , 24-12-2006

beware, but i´ll show you! - There is no surf in Iceland, but if you want to surf in iceland go to the place "Hlemmur" in the central of Reykjavik and pick buss number 11 and it will guide you on the best surf-spots around!
You might think icelanders are friendly but they do have other things on their mind!

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