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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Xosmo , 21-02-2010

Looking for local info - Going to Reykjavik next week, and I'm hoping for at least one day of surf. Looking for locals to give me some inside info on the breaks, and maybe even someone to surf with? Any help is appreciated!


By Anonymous , 10-08-2009

Surfing Iceland - This tuesday, I going to Iceland, because... Is it possible to hire a board and a suit somewere near raijavic? I was stoked about the surf forcast!!

Ciao Daantj, from Holland!

By anonymous , 10-05-2006

iceland not on the map - i just went too a shop too by an atlas, and when i was looking i noticed iceland was not on the map

By your mom , 30-11-2005

Dizzamn nukka !!! - erybody keep doin' thur thangz

By -- , 08-08-2005

looking for some bro´s to drop in with - wanta share some water time. came from Breck and SanDi in Bandarikunum. On the rock now, in 101 Reykjavík. Looking to tandem, share gas and some drops for some point break. Scot ( Vifilsgata 24

By , 07-08-2005

bring your grandma - þorlakshöfn rocks, literally, what a rocky reef..

The wind can seriously screw this place up and it changes a lot. With a nice swell and a good south westerly this place takes off..

Needless to say last time I went there I almost wrecked my board, fin damage...

By anonymous , 11-07-2005

i'll be back - hello guys it's sebastien from france you remember the guy with a broken fin , no car and a shit wetsuit see you in august at the line up and keep on drinking

By , 04-07-2005

surfing here - Dear Sponge of Isle Of White I am a local surfer out here, mate don´t worry you won´t get any hassle but the thing is more than likely you won´t get any waves to be honest. My mate was just telling me about the isle of white for surfing funny that.. Well hope you enjoy give me a shout if you want any more info when you come here..

By , 08-06-2005

UK bodyboarder going to iceland - Hi people, im going to Iceland in August but curious if im going to be getting a load of hassle from the surfers there, are there any/many bodyboarders about?

By , 17-05-2005

Hats Off To You Bravo - Greetings...I would like to give a hand-clap to all the Northerners who surf or bodyboard these waves in those temps,I'm from San Diego and we wear wetties here even up to the month of May, as for the sharks well we had a few great-white sightings down here but that didnt keep my homies and I from getting in the water.
"Live to Ride...Ride to Live"
Ocean Beach Spongerz...

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