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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Tommy , 05-05-2005

Thats some cold water!!!!!! - That is some extreme surfing at that temperature. I take my hat off to you Icelandic surfers, keep surfing, and have something hot to eat afterwards. Like a big BBQ meat lovers pizza, yumm.

By anonymous , 09-03-2005

Tom - Looks like you live in a beautiful country with nice waves

By Isaac Rafuse , 24-02-2005

sealskinnedsurfers - Not everyone has the luxury of warm water waves, most of us have to surf where we work. Your statement makes several things readily apparent,that you are imature, you dont even grasp the concept of hardcore and you are to scared to even write your real name on this sight.

By anonymous , 06-02-2005

- any real hardcore surfer would surf in trunks, and not look like a seal.

By , 13-12-2004

Journey to the center of the earth - Always wanted to visit Iceland since reading Jules Vernes "Journey to the center of the earth" as a kid ... did not even think about surf!
Grew up in OZ then moved to NZ and Maui now living in "Surfcity USA" Huntington Beach. I freeze at 55 F sea/air temp with a 4/3.

By anonymous , 05-12-2004

- sick waves,whats the crowd situation like?

By anonymous , 27-11-2004

Litle imformation - The thickness of your wetsuit depends on the time of the year. During summer time 3/4 wetsuit and boots are enough but in winter time( now-mid april) it´s rough to surf here but still some local guys do surf in that season and they wear 6 mm wetsuit, boots, hoot and gloves. You can bring all sorts of boards with because we got wide wariety of waves here and most of them are still undiscovered so drive around the country and be the first one to surf some waves. Like most other eurepean country´s the swell is biggest in the winter months but still you get great days in the summer as well. There probably not more then 20 active surfers in iceland. You can get some more info at this site and The first website is in icelandic but you can see some nice pictures by clicking on "myndir". Have fun surfing in Iceland rocks.

By A sea lion's bieetch , 25-11-2004

Sea lions - Watch out for the horny sea lions

By Iceland Bound , 23-11-2004

Info - Does anyone have any real information about surfing in Iceland? When does it break best? What season? What thickness of wetsuit to bring? What board size? Do any other Icelanders surf?

My girlfriend and I are going to Iceland next year (I've always wanted to go there), and I'm planning to bring my board. If anyone can supply me with some basic information I'd appreciate it. Thanks...

By anonymous , 23-11-2004

yeah - at least it doesn't look cold...

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