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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Central Peniche


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By Aterra , 09-12-2010

Stolen camera - Camera kit stolen at Peniche - Warning. When you are in Portugal please dont leave anything in your car even for a short while. The 26 nov we had money and a big camerabag stolen from our Watertech van. The camera is an Canon Eos 1Ds MarkII. With a Canon 28-70 and a Zigma 100-400 lens. Also computer 10 inch, flash and other stuff was stolen. This was 26 november in full daylight in Baleal parking. Please if you have seen or heard anything contact me. I will give a good reward to the one who helps me find the gear. The computer isnt worth much but i have important suff in it.
Best regards,

By Anonymous , 26-04-2010

possibility to stay - hi there!
does anybody know a good nice place to stay in peniche for my baby daughter my girlfriend and me? we want to stay about 4 weeks from the end of may to end of june!

By dude , 22-04-2010

- Hi there!
Thank you for your tips but unfortunatelly I've never taken any off in September since the bussiest working month in it is August but since you seam local and I Portugal is the place for me this summer could you recomend somewhere better instead since you've got my point while still in the research state?..
By the way I'll agree with you, you haven't seen what you can steal you in a Greek island in August too.

By penichehostel , 22-04-2010

- Peniche is not only robs...August is like that everywhere. If you look for peace is going to be very difficult for you in Baleal. Its absolutly crowded and the waves are not that good. Come here in September or October and you´ll find what you are looking for

By dude , 21-04-2010

- Hello mates,

Any 'fresh' news regarding Peniche and more precisely for Baleal beach? The month is August I'm affraid...Is there any good place to stay close -idealy next- to the beach? No prob. if it's a surf camp as long as it's clean & gives you freedom too? The concept is long nice & easy sessions, food & quiet sleep if you get the picture...
Thanks in advance

p.s. Is the beach fully crowded that period?

By nicolas , 17-07-2009

Thieves - I got robbed too, Video and Photocamera stollen from my bus, parked directly next to bussy street. be carefull!

By Anonymous , 24-05-2009

Waves condition in August - Hello,

Can anyone cooment on the wave condition in Peniche around July/ August?
Would if fit intermidiate level?


By Anonymous , 17-09-2008

Theiving Gits - Be carefull at Supertubos as their are many theiving c##ts here that will rob your car!! we had €3800 gear nicked including some sick pictures of nazare on our cameras. Will bash the f##ks if catch them next time completely ruined the trip. You want money in your local economy then you take the piss. It aint worth it the wave is rammed and you will get robbed.

By Phillip , 16-06-2008

SCSA - I've heard about that surf camp too, i saw it in . I've seen the site too but it's not that good... it's under construction but the prices seams to be good. I have a question:

Does anyone know if it has surf lessons ?

I agree, really good waves there, but i only surfed there in summer, good beachbreaks !

By Anonymous , 26-07-2007

accomodation - Hey guys

I ll be surfing Portugal for 2 weeks in the beginning of August. I m starting off in Peniche and was wondering if you know good places to stay (meaning clean, rather cheap, nice atmosphere if possible)

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