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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Canos de la meca

Spain, Andalucia

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By Anonymous , 15-02-2009

"Caños de Meca" -

By Anonymous , 11-01-2009

water temp: - I was there end of December. The Water Temp was like 15 - 16 Degree. Minimum a long 3mm/2mm Wetsuit. Or Better a 4mm/3mm.

By gabriel , 19-09-2006

so much people... - Its a good left with tubular secsions. But actually there is a lot of people in the reefbreak. You must go to the Palmar or to another wave because the locals can be very agressive.

By anonymous , 16-12-2005

Water temp in winter? Temperatura del agua en invierno? - What is the water temperature off Andalucia en Jan, Feb, March, etc? What kind of wetsuit is needed? Gloves, hat?
Que es la temperatura del agua en Andalucia en enero, febrero, marzo? Que tipo de traje necesitare? Gracias.

By anonymous , 06-06-2005

faro de canos - this right wave its really good when the palmar is too big with strong wind can surf really good wave ..dangerous but better with low tide.. take a look at the reef and run fast! in small day its old longboarders paradise !!!!!!!!help maroccans they can give you a swett present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 13-02-2004

no title - the point break is at the peninsula with the light-house, if you drive up this road, the break is at the end at your left, its a righthander. You can either paddle out (a long paddle out) or you can enter via the reef, as you read in earlier messages there is some time between the sets, so you can get your chance to enter directly. If it is high enough can be ridden by everyone, if you're in looks high and agressive but it breaks mellow. There is another reef break in front of the 2 store condos, right at your left if you enter caños from palmar. There is also a big reef more towards the caños camping, doesn't break that often though.

By blanco , 16-11-2003

ants on the reef - the first day i have arrived there after a long drive in my van, it was low tide and the reef wasfully exposed. i thought there was some king of party going on cause the reef was covered with people. they looked like ants, crawling everywhere with on the background some wooden broken boats. turned out that everyone was collecting hash from those same maroccan boats, which shipwrecked in the massive waves the night before. i also layed along with those ants on the reef and collected my share of chocolate. hence i had enough for the rest of the three months to come.

By anonymous , 08-10-2003

the guy who posted this spot - I think ive seen you down there!!! A white van parked against a white wall on the dead-end side.....flat tyres? And theres a cafe / bar on the other side of the road? Ive seen people surf directly in front of that cafe..... is this the break? It goes both L and R but not a point...... if you walk along the beach to the left, you come to the end..... now is this the start of the point or what??? How do you paddle out? Where?

By anonymous , 20-08-2003


By Irish Steve , 18-06-2003

U can see Marroc from here!! :) Aghhhhhhh - Got it in Jan 2003,only surfed it once on way down to marroc,it looked like it was shit house from the beach but i tell yas that right grinded the whole way through,it was the best session i had in Spain,the reef to the left looks sick also.

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