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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Spain, Galicia

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By Mattias , 14-07-2012

- if this one is good for 500mRides, I can understand that somehow!

By Anonymous , 11-10-2008

i've been there once... - This beach is very dangerous because of their locals. When i went there were fights in the water, and afterwards in land. Don't reccomend to go

By anonymous , 25-12-2004

error de foto - la foto en la que pone"dia raro" no es la playa de barrañan,en la zona de arteixo.

By adri L. crack , 05-06-2004

- Bastiagueiro es de lo peor, que no lo pongan tan bien.Las olas rompen bien con viento sur que siempre esta norte y cuando el viento esta bien no llega tamaño.nunca pasa de metro y medio.peo es lo q ay...Y los de ferrol que no digan cascarilla que aqui nadie sabe lo que significa.Flipaos!un saludo a bugueros de oleiros!

By anonymous , 04-06-2004

- you call this pro or kanakazies!!!!!!
world class bull S##T!!!!!

By anonymous , 23-04-2004

no title - somos unos viajantes que a veces nos echamos en bastiagueiro y da asco ese localismo por que la playa e unhaa merda ¡¡¡¡ hijo puta el que la pia por saltar una mierda de ola que total no te va abrir .
todos a saltarse las olas unos a los otros y partirnos la boca puto localismo

By Marce, email: , 13-04-2004

About Bastiagueiro - hello, I´m spanish I lived near this beach, I´m local of this beach and it isn´t too dificult, this beach isn´t for kamikazes or for pros becasuse I am not pro and I surf very well there so I say that this beach is easy for new surfers, and for all surfers,don´t miss that beach,I will take a photo of this beach for put here.Bye

By SHARK , 24-01-2004

CUALQUIERA SE FIA DE ESTA PAGINA - Joder que flipada, como pueden poner este "spot" con esa calificación!!!! Es una playa para principiantes, aunque eso si, prefiero meterme alli que en Mundaca con 150 tios.

By anonymous , 05-01-2004

no title - bastiageiro es una mierda.iros a valcobo,sabon,barrañan,caion,la cueva o razo d la zona d a coruña.bastiageiro es la peor ola d coruña!!!!

By rodyride , 02-01-2004

Camy- pros - Totally flipped I stayed when seeing the clasification ( Camy pros). If there are to one to five stars must be used pretty much and not make as the most of them: 3 stars OK this´s personal opinion but Batiar´s local do not smoke so many joints if don´t so your waves´beach would be more easy to surf.
Have you heard about the Camy icecreams ?
One of Rodiles ( i invite you to see Kamy wavws with no pros)

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