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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Spain, Pais Vasco

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By xxx , 20-01-2004

Respuesta al Asturiano - Mundaka es mundaka, incomparable. Una de las mejores izquierdas del mundo. La ola de izaro rompe en el extremo de la isla de dicho nombre, y la diferencia es que aguanta muuucho tamaño mientras que Mundaka no aguanta mas de cuatro metros normalmente, ademas solo tienes la posibilidad de acceder a la ola en bote o y sino pegarte la remada de tu vida. La verdad, yo he oido de gente que ha remado hasta izaro pero es bastante hardcore, mas aun si Izaro esta kon olas grandes, pues eso significa que el mar en Mundaka también esta muy grande. si vas a Mundaka un dia de tamaño fijate en la isla en la parte izquierda y veras romper el pico desde la misma atalaya del puerto de mundaka donde rompen las olas de mundaka.

By Fat Mike , 13-12-2003

Es mejor que la gran Mundaka???? - Soi asturiano y nunca he ido a Mundaka(aunque me gustaria)
Pero esta ola es mejor que Mundaka?????

By anonymous , 03-11-2003

no title - Eso keda en frente de Mundaka, en la parte izquierda de la isla de Izaro. Rompe solo kuando hay mucha mar y puede aguantar muuuucho tamaño.

By plim , 03-11-2003

colega, donde sta eso???? - q donde qeda

By , 08-06-2003

check out sick pics - check out for sick pics of Fuerteventura waves

By Teco Guarujá--- É isso aí galera.... Surf and Santos Futebol Clube forever... , 06-05-2003

Brazilian Pro Surfer - Izaro - I'm a brazilian surfer,from santos-SP but living in Hawaii, i've been in the basque country last year and surfed in Izaro was really spicy waves, very good and big waves my advice is just surf it if you have a good experience, but do it! it's great...
There Have nice waves as some places in Australia, Brasil, Indonesia and Mexico; but the people is more kind or "nice blood" as we say in Brazil.
Enjoy Izaro if you can sure...
Big hugs to all basque and spanish surfers! see ya later!
Agur bero bat

By Henry , 12-08-2002

Check this out... - "On the Atlantic side of the northern Iberian Peninsula where the waters of the Gernika River push into the deep, unsheltered Golfo de Vizcaya, a perfect giant wave peels along the cliffs of an island shrouded in Monastic legend.

Here in the Basque Country, icy winds born in the snowy Pyrenees flow down river valleys and onto Atlantic waters.

These offshore breezes caress the prevailing northwesterly swells which break on rocky reefs, over sandbar beaches, and across river mouths near the northern border of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

In 1422, the Council of Bermeo made donation of the island of Izaro to Fray Martín de Arteaga to found a Franciscan monastery of twenty friars. The monks lived in the high part of the island for 300 years, and were famed for the austerity, piousness and strict norms of their congregation, with the exception of one young monk named brother Madariaga.

He fell in love with a girl of Bermeo, and each night, the girl placed a light at one of her windows, signaling to the monk that everyone was asleep, and the coast was clear for her lover to visit. And each night the friar swam the sea which separated the island and the coast to meet secretly with his loved one.

One night during the biggest storm of the year, her relatives discovered the lighting message the lovers used, and moved the light, making it shine from a rocky point on coast where waves broke with great fury.

The friar suspected nothing, and began his swim as usual, realizing too late his deception. Dashed against the rocks by the merciless waves, his body was found destroyed and devoured by the marine birds.

It said that the waves on this night reached the top of the monastery, exceeding one hundred and thirty feet in height.

As the biggest swell of the northern hemisphere winter hits the European shores, the Billabong Odyssey surfers prepare for giant waves at the legendary Isla de Izaro..."

Courtesy of The Billabong Odyssey

By fodor , 18-04-2002

word. - you hit the nail on the head with that one mate. true surfing is nothing about being selish and ignorant, rather it is about a pure interaction with everything that is generous and wise; nature. Share stoke, don't try and deny its glorious feeling to others. live it. south coast cornwall style.

By anonymous , 18-04-2002

Agur Bero Bat - To Lekun: Agur bero bat Euskal Herriatik. From California surfer who lives in LA. Family from Vizcaya; cousins live in Mundaka, Bakio, Gatika and Bilbo. Concur with your comments about dropping in on Basque surfers, or any surfers for that matter. Where I surf, people have nothing to prove other than how much joy surfing brings to them and how beneficial it is to share this joy with others. All this stupid surf macho BS has nothing to do with surfing. Surfing is a form of inner or outer space travel and elevates the soul, period. All the rest of the crap people argue about is pure nonsense. Agur. Mikel...

By Guillermo Lecumberri "Lekun" , 12-04-2002

Izaro for real - Hello to all those who have lots of imagination on Izaro. Specially to all those liers out there. To Guardian: Calla la boca loco, but you are correct to say that Kelly never surfed Izaro. To Nick: Si eres el Nicolas que conozco te creo. ¿Cuando te vemos?. To Anonymous: Why do you want to create such a bad attitude telling people to drop in on basque surfers? Do you have anything against us? If I were you I wouldnt try it. To Henry: check your dates or send me some photos. 24.09.2001 No surfable wave at Izaro. Another story would be: 7.10.2001. To Hugo: Please tell me the skinny guys name.
See you all at Izaro.

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