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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 La galea

Spain, Pais Vasco

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By Anonymous , 28-09-2007

- search on youtube fo La Gelea, there are people surfing it. This is a serious wave..fair do's!

By Egiluz , 11-01-2005

Some photos - On january 7, 2005 two guys were surfing 4 metres waves. I took some photos, see them in:
Enjoy it.

By Pixi , 18-08-2004

Just go there my friend - hi guys, i live in getxo i have surf it over 4m, the wave is powerfull, and can hold the big you want.
on march the 15th 2003 i saw it about 8m+ and that day was a wave called la ola increible, the outer reef of la galea, i think it was over 10m.
Ciao my friends, surf it in medium to full tide from 2m to 4m, and be carefull in the water is always double than it seems from the road

By anónimo , 05-02-2004

surf it if you dare! :)) - Classy wave, better on high tide, holds loads of size, access is a bit difficult,get a good leash and a helmet, rocks are very near and "mushrooms" are everywere.
The first section can give a sick barrel(if you make it), Needs a mid sized swell at least to break properly and at a safe distance from the rocks.jump into the pool behind the big blocks. good luck!

By anonymous , 16-11-2003

get out there - this looks like a great wave local friend!! u should get a boat or jet ski and have a look what it is like from the line up. GET OUT THERE AND STOP DREAMING!!!!!!

By anonymous , 14-11-2003

no title - looks like and awesome wave! how big is it in the photos?

By Egiluz , 14-08-2003

Power - I live 10 minutes by car from La Galea, in the same town (Getxo) and very often I go there to see the waves and to feel the power of the sea. I have never seen anybody surfing La Galea, but some friends tell me that few people have surfed when it is small, but nobody when the see wake up. I have some dreams, one of them is surfing La Galea, but I will do this the last of them.

By Wheasel , 07-06-2003

La galea, dream or nightmare? - The first thing i do every day is open the window and give a look to this spot, so i think i can talk about this wave.
Powerfull, gigant and incredibly long and in its best conditions impossible. All swells doesnt matter the size go directly to the break point and suddenly find a rocky reef of 3feets deeph or less, imagen the consecuences a perfect triangle reef that give fast regular hollow right handed waves.
I dont recomend it to anyone when is big and perfect not even to pros, (unless they bring a full expedition) theres not a deeper place where you can excape, if the waves cach you, you are sold to your luck, dont expect piety from this wave, not when is big.

heights for this wave? from 6-9 feets maybe you can surf it.
bigger of 9 feets this waves gets beattyfull and perfect, its top 15-20 feets? hard to say, surely looks smaller than what it is, i can just say that the lip can take a couple seconds to touch the water.

5 Years ago they tried to make a 500m dock there, they couldnt, the wave and the currents made dissapear the 100tons scuares they used yo build it, so the project was never finished, you can still see a part of the dock as a monument to the victory of this wave.

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