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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Goring sea lane

UK, South East

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By Anonymous , 21-05-2007

- to become a great surfing spot... i'm not already is, haha. as for the artificial reef rumour, if enough people talk it is possible, with the help of a few hoarses heads in beds.GORING PARTY WAVE!!

By Robby B. , 08-04-2007

My thoughts about Goring... - I've lived in Goring all my life, and there never really useed to be waves at all there. This winter though, it was probaly the best I've ever seen. When I was a kid I used to watch my dad windsurf and never really thought about surfing the waves. Now I've had a go I think it's really fun! Although I've been spoiled by waves from the awsome beach called Gwithians in Cornwall. I think Goring's become a fantastic kitesurfing place, and it used to be a fantastic windsurfing place, although the wind has died down in recent years. I think that the Goring wave is a fun (although small) wave and I think with the right conditions, Goring could become not just a good surfing beach on a windy day, but maybe a great surfing beach altogeather. I think it has that potential. Hopefully it comes true!!!

By adam.c , 06-03-2007

The surf is small but were lucky theres any atall - i only live within a one minuet walk from the beach and i have lived and surfed near sea lane all my life and i have never witnessed a shark yet still there is always a first. i think that the swell is better than it was a few years ago as the rough weather and high winds have re shaped the beach at sae lane totally there is more undertow now but better surf still choppy and unpredictable. And latley i have been hearing rumers from lots of people that they are thinking of of building an artificial reef of worthing beach immagine that world class surf off worthing not that i believe that it will ever happen but hey there is still hope (SOMEWHERE !!!) HAHA

By Swells , 27-02-2007

Sea Lane's taking no more shite! - What's all this stuff about poo everywhere?? The sewage outlet has been shut down for several years now so no more floaters for goring beach! The hypodermic syringes are another matter, however I've yet to find one sticking out through the top of my foot. Maybe one day if I'm really lucky!

By Swells Surf Boards , 12-02-2007

Sea Lane Swells - Nice to be in the best pic at Sea Lane!!! Put it this way, I hadn't surfed for a year so it was great to wander over the road to catch a few rides.

By Anonymous , 23-01-2007

kelly slater - pic 2 is a rather shoddy atempt on photoshop. However, this break rips and i for one will try my hardest to make the ASP pro surf tour come here next year....

By Anonymous , 02-01-2007

Marmite Miner - As well as the sharks there are also unexploded sea mines.

By Anonymous , 15-12-2006

rubish - well, you are tottaly wrong about everythink, eversince the beach has changed works on upcumming tide and lowering tide, but small, and always about 2ft soem times 3ft, when good swells and ruff seas can get 4-5ft

By Mel (M) , 08-10-2006

Goring Sea Lane - SHARKS!!!!! Are you kidding. Next you`ll be telling us about big-whites chewing-up surfers under Brighton Pier!!!

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