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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Mel McManus , 04-05-2010

Surf harmony in the Holy Land - Since 1974 my local break Tel-Baruch (Tel-Ba or TB) has gone from a f...... shit-hole to sheer bliss & harmonious surfing amongst the locals & any visiting "guests". The quality & consistency of the waves have improved "beyond your wildest dreams". Water is crystal clean & the beach/parking facilities are "ucla" (great). Like our occasional jap surfer ("occasional" - over the last 10-12 years) & our new Aussie guest, just join in & enjoy rippin with some really cool Israelis (especially the Xtreme surf-chicks - extremely fearless, modest & REALLY, REALLY so beautiful!)

By stefan , 01-12-2009

Surfboard hire around Ashdod? - Hello!

I may be heading to Ashdod at the beginning of 2010 to work for several short periods at a time.
I was wondering if you know of a place that rents out surfboards in Ashdod?
I normally ride a 6' 3'', but really any kind of shortboard would be fine in case there are waves when I have a day off here and there.
Would very much appreciate any tips you have on board hire or surfing in that region in general.
cheers for now,

By Anonymous , 11-09-2008

to the australian... - living in israel is a fight: the heat, 3 years in the army, war, terror, jewish mothers... and in israel politeness is a nasty word in general.
surfing in israel is a fight as well: no waves, to many surfers with or without the waves, good spots are being destroyed by massif so called development, pollution etc. SO
be kind with us the time we kick old aggressive habits. and anyway don't mess with an israeli - he will come back with his army gang of falafel eaters and brothers and cousins (everyone in IL is a "brother")...

By Anonymous , 03-07-2008

- As if you would come on this site and whine like a little bitch about some Israle that accidently put a little bruise on your arm! Get over it mate, you're giving aussies a bad name!

By Anonymous , 08-04-2008

stay home - One of you kooks in Israel decided to fly all the way over to Western Australia to run me down in my own local surf break and severely bruise my forearm. Not satisfied with that the selfish little bastard mouthed off. Absolutely no respect. We all know who he is and if comes back to Israel in a pine box you will all know why. Show some respect motherfuckers or stay home.

By Anonymous , 06-04-2008

going to israel? -
check this link before you go. some useful general info there. as for surfing in Israel study here:

By Miche , 29-01-2008

Israel - Hi.
I really want to go to Israel at the end of april but it seems not to be any surf according to WS. Is that so? Where should I also go? Is it expensive with hostal? All recommendations are welcome. Please post it here or send me an email.

By Anonymous , 18-01-2008

Alon - Hey,
When I was in Israel about 13 years ago I met a guy in Dahab named Alon who was in the Navy, lived in Haifa in a digs and surfed. Was wondering how he was doing. Anyone know someone who fits the bill?

By zein8 , 24-01-2007

the israeli surfer ...(arsim) kansso koolam - in generally is arsim(badboy) all the surfer depend on the spot but all the best spot are frequent by the arsim (listen bad music mizrahit and with all ot off gourmet in gold ) .. all the israeli surfer are very fuckin people bad people kaparot ve kaele ... the only best spot without arsim is the open beach where you have place to surfing in good atmosphere..
for the the travel surfers come to : (shave tzion the best point in israel in the north a secret spot and the drop in mihmoret a secret spot) in these spot the arsim dont go becaue they dont have car and they are very very ridicules ...

By Anonymous , 10-09-2006

- there are no waves in israel!!!

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