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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Brooks street

USA, California, Orange County

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By ELITE , 22-06-2013

Not very good - This spot is dangerous but not much shape and just a huge bowl. But it's very entertaining when it's big but you'll find me at Rockpile if it's big. This spot is total BS. The only good thing about this spot is 3rd reef.

By secertbreak10streetswimaroundthefarrocktotherightgettothenextcove! , 05-08-2010

lol haha the locals..... - mapquest: brook st. laguna beach 92651
for directions of course..

youtube: brook st. contest 07/25/09
its not the best video, but the locals here try to scare everyone away.. they won't even let 1 good pic or vid shed light on the internet.. but this video will give you idea of what can go down if the conditions are right.. this spot only really breaks big once a year at most if your lucky... big that is.. double/triple overhead... btw most of the pics on this site for this location are fake; only 2 of them are real..

BUOY INFO: NDBC Station 46223

SWEll INFO: SOUTH 180-190 degrees
the higher the seconds the better!
(3ft 15secs on buoy!) = over head+
(5-7ft 20secs on the buoy) this means the wedge is breaking most likely; beware of the first reef it turns into a nasty ledge; very steep drop when double/triple over head! best off riding second into oak street or ride thrid and get off near or after 2nd reef.. BEWARE ON BIG DAYS THIS WAVE CAN CLOSEOUT AND DO THE TOILET BOWL ON THE INSIDE!

TIDE: ride while going high (mid high +2.0/+3.0 best) bogs out at more than +5.0 don't ride if its super low tide 0.0 or lower "dry reef"!

BEST WIND: east/south
WORST WIND: west/north

all the locals know one another of course lol; don't talk to anyone; wait your turn; say you sorry if needed. And i bet you money no one will say shit.. after all its laguna beach.. if anyone gets stupid; call the cops! assault is assault weather its with ones fist or a board. not that anyone gonna doing thing, cuz it laguna beach. but you might get vibed if you rip and no one knows you..


By Anonymous , 28-03-2008

Rob Machado - Must have a house in the area because I saw him shopping at the ralphs in Laguna. I'm sure he's surfed here.

By Anonymous , 27-04-2007

photos submitted are not brooks. - they are from N. Laguna. Brooks is in town.

By Anonymous , 12-01-2007

What? - I have been surfing brooks for more than 20 years and i have never seen kelly, rob, or donavan out there.

By anonymous , 15-11-2005

Goofy footers paradise - if you come here just to see Kelly Slater and Rob Machado........dont

By CAR ONE T.R.U.K. , 18-10-2005

IF YOUR SCARED OF ROCKS DONT GO! - Living in LA county but closer to oc breaks I will choose to go south rather than north almost every time. So brooks is A contant on my list for south swell heaven.Sometimes a bit crowded but you will get waves if have melllow vibe.Plenty to go around on good souths.Ive seen it third reef twice this summer,but still able to catch the second and first reefs no problem on huge days.

By skarman , 18-09-2005

beware of locals - Besiades the rocks, ledges, and boils there are the locals. This place is dominated by the resident crew, and is unforgiving to any hoppers.

By , 12-08-2005

A fun left... - a usually a really good vibe in the water. Strangely enough, even the "lokes" here (Faber, Beaker, Wat-o, etc.) take turns and don't USUALLY drop in on anyone (unless you give 'tude!). A good place to go for a mellow surf...not epic but lots of waves and multiple spots to take off. Probably your best bet if you're in Laguna (or Rockpile). Check it out, but be cool in the water!

By anonymous , 25-07-2005

1 star ? - I live in Laguna and surf brooks at least twice a week. Thalia gets two stars and doheny gets two stars what the f*&$.... Please I never surf at thalia or agate if brooks isn't breaking I just go to creek or trestles. Whoever gave brooks 1 star is a f%$#$%@ idiot. I have had some great rides there sometimes getting tubed 2 times on one wave and when its small sometimes you can get tubed when your ride is almost over the shorebreak lines up great. This place should at least get 3 stars.

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