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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Little waimea

USA, California, San Diego County

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By IBNATIVE84 , 05-05-2011

- medium tide going low - 8 foot day nobody out. Bring a 6'5++ alot of water moves here and its hard to get into anything unless your in the perfect spot with a small board and if you do the lip is very powerful and will just pin you to it anyway. you need a clean paddle / takeoff here and you can get an epic right point break wave and if the tide is low enough it offers quite probably the fastest section you can find on a pointbreak almost anywhere

By Anonymous , 21-07-2010

TOOls - This spot is best surfed in 12' speed boat or hobie cat...ask me how I know

By Anonymous , 18-03-2010

CHANNEL? - I surfed in front of the lighthouse. Good call on the coast guard guys. There were 5 dudes out there, they were all in the coast guard. But they were pretty relaxed and when me and my buddy rolled out they were letting us ride waves. My first time here in about 2 yrs. Forgot how hard it can be to get into the channel. Lots of seals, makes you wonder what side of the food chain they are on. But a fun wave nonetheless.

By Anonymous , 08-03-2010

BE COOL and share - Both dolphin tanks and the light house offer killer, uncrowded waves, especially on 6-8ft swells. Any bigger and the channels begin to disappear, especially at higher tides.
If you surf in front of the light house, there will always be a crew of Coast Guard guys on it. Most of them are the helicopter crews, such as the rescue swimmers and flight engineer/mechanics. Some of these guys shred, but they are all from different spots in the country and they are all pretty cool. If anyone has local claim here, its the coasties. Apparently there commander lives in the home on the cliff, and allows them access down the bluff into the channel. But if you're cool and you boat out and there is a crowd, the coast guard guys will definately share waves, and they dont bring the kook atmosphere you might encounter at D tanks.

By Anonymous , 31-05-2007

not worth it - this place isnt worth the boat trip. its actually pretty mushy unless its huge and low tide. definitely not worth taking a boat. dont bother

By Anonymous , 31-05-2007

low tide is fine - i surf little waimea whenever there's decent swell. i prefer it on a low tide becuz its hollow freakin sick

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