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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, California, San Mateo

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By UrinalDeuce , 06-02-2011

- Does anybody know which day mavericks is normally big, is it on monday, thuesday... or on weekends. I just bought new skimboard and i really would like to go try it out at mavericks..

By Anonymous , 04-07-2010

hmmmmm - i was reading some guys comment that said you dont need a wettie to surf mavericks, youre a wussie. if your wear a wettie you've got no balls. Obviously that guy actually doesn't have balls

By Kelly Slater , 02-05-2010

- I am thinking of opening a surf school at mavericks. It would be a "No experience necessary type surf camp". I was just wondering what you locals would like to say about that and if its a good idea. Thanks please give me your input

By Anonymous , 24-12-2009

Cyclops the Great Surf Spot By Dan - Hey Dan you are a complete BS'er. Cyclops is almost entirely unsurfable. Where do you come up with this crap? Aussies are hardcore but they wont go against anything bigger than 10 foot cyclops, thats why you let boogers rule the place. Don't bash Mav's, its a good big wave spot, and with a good solid swell it throws immensely. Unlike Cyclops where its a mutant that sucks up the reef with any good swell in the water. If you don't surf Cyclops or mav's when it's big, then you have no right to say anything at all.

By I like girls , 16-05-2009

To "Dan" - Aussies must have some soft cocks to be bagging on U.S. breaks. Never see any yanks bagging on Aussie breaks...and it would be easy. With names like "Cyclops" and "Salty Dogs", sounds like euphemisms for cocks. I guess when you can't bugger a sheep, another "macho Aussie male" will always do in a pinch. Homo

By dan , 19-03-2009

mavs is pretty gay - mavs hardly ever barrels good enough to get a slab throwin over u and most if not all surfers just race down the face of it as if its a friggin slipnslide mavs is uniquely californian because its sux ass......not a real slab of a wave like cyclops or salty dogs

By Johnny Utah , 16-02-2009

Epic - Saint Mavs is, like, the Missions... touched from God and uniquely Californian..

However its not anything like the 50 year storm, Braaaahhh.

By go_to_skool.kom , 15-07-2008

surfers R retarded - I agree with the post below...gimme a break, Mavericks Jaws Dungeons Killers etc. All these breaks have more power and pucker factor than 99% of the world's surfers could handle. Problem is, that same 99% are the biggest posers and would never admit that they wouldn't surf any of these places because they'd be too afraid of the immense amount of water that would probably drown out their extra-large vagina.

Me included.

And, STOP ALREADY with the "Bowel Views" and all the other crap. "Bowel Views" sounds like someone wants to get a closer view of someone else's balloon knot, geez. You illiterate inbreeders, it's called "Boll Weevil's". It's a bug that feeds on cotton.

Some of you people are a total embarrassment to the surfing community.

By Anonymous , 25-02-2008

To down play mavrics is to decide you are stupid - I have surfed almost a hundred surf breaks in the americas,Only a few waves in excess of twenty feet .I beleve in my mind mavrics has been there from the beginning now that I am almost ready I ask myself daily am I ready for that day will I make the cut.Fuck a sponsership I care less all I can think about is one good day.Then I see these posts like mav's has somhow diminished only a fool or a coward write's somthing like that.At least I can admit I still have fear I know I am lucky to have any left.

By Anonymous , 16-01-2008

To the guy talking about Bowelviewals(however it's spelled) - Mavs is for cow girls? Sure, show us some pictures of your spot with guys getting crushed by 70 feet of whitewater. Sorry, nothing south of Pt. Conception consitently gets bigger than 20ft. with the exception of Todos in Mexico or the Cortes Bank way out in the ocean and maybe some channel island mysto reef.

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