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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The cross

USA, Gulf Coast, Florida

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By Anonymous , 04-03-2009

Hey Black Bart - we don't want to come to Alabama. Yall can keep your inbreeding that's fine with us because your waves aren't that great anyways. Don't get butt hurt over some waves.

By BLACK BART , 23-02-2006


By big sam , 06-11-2005

ITS BACK! - well, i have no clue what happened i guess because of the dredgine but the cross is back my friends!! although it is coming back it is still not up to its prior status. the inside still dumps like i said but when we got that big swell from wilma it was breaking big on the outside, its not as far outside as some breaks like the pier but i would stilll classify it as an outside. once you get past the shorebreak dumpers theres a huge channel with no midbreak and then you get ot the sandbar you cant stand up on it though its still lik eprobably chest deep with the deepest parts head deep and the shallowest maybe rib deep. on the first day of the swell, the swell was lke chest to overhead and it was peeling perfect tehre for a prett good ways, then on saturday and sunday it was straight up freight train barrels. it comes out of really deep water and then breaks good on that bar. hopefully it will continue to replinish its sandbars and we can have the cross back just like the good old days.

By big sam , 15-06-2005

hmm - the cross is not a good spot at all, the sandbar is extremely deep and it breaks way too far out. it used to be great until ivan but now the sandbars are all messed up. but ill tell you one thing if you are a bodyboarder then you need to go there on a big swell. the waves barely even breakon the outside and then roll all the way in and just slam onto the shore. thick, meaty barrels perfect for bodyboarding about 30 feet from shore. me and some of my friends were tryin to bodysurf on like an overhead day and the shorepound was like chest and we got so pounded. like a mini teahoupoo. and all of you bitches are wrong, the panhandle does get great surf sometimes, for instance a week ago we had a perfect groundswell for 9 days strait and two of those days were a solid head high. the others were like waste to chest. and yance doesnt suck at all. 1996 U.S. longboarding champion. and he was champion a few times back in the 70s and 80s. oh and both of his sons rip especially sterling. who is sponsored by billabong, anarchy, cobian and im a sure a lot more. but anyways if you are a surfer i wouldnt go to the cross at all, find somewhere else, if your a bodyboarder... its your dream come true

By buford smith , 04-06-2005

cross has a sick shorey - dude i just want to let yall no that yall are gay if yall talk crap ... ok you got it ... anyways the cross has one of the best inside breaks i have ever seen it closes out alot but if you catch it just right between high and low tide than it will turn in to a fast punchy barrel that is nearly impossible to make ..... but if you have a bodyboard it is freaking sick man but any ways its not even a foot deep so you better watch out one of my friends sprained his ankle there about 2 monts ago but anyways yall just be carefull over there and buy the way there is rocks on the bottom out there so yall be carefull and try not to get slammed to hard

By anonymous , 03-06-2005

haha - photo #2 is knee high NOT chest high NOT head high

photo #3 is around 1ft overhead NOT 9ft

By Bruce Langford , 09-05-2005

pretty sick beach break - iv been surfin this place since i can remeber. a really fun fast wave can really pick up n b heavy n when it goes offshore its like winter cali!

By anonymous , 11-02-2005

OkiZOo... - still at it like an addict... whens that album coming out okizOo... Koju... ?

By THE PEACE CORER!! , 08-02-2005

INNERLIGHT - Hey i dont like all this hate on innerlight and stuff, charging goats is a peaceful group but will shoot you if you cut them off. Innerlight is a good shop and you people that are talking crap are mad because your not on the surf team. So grow up and lets go smell the roses, AND STERLING SPENCER IS A GOOD SURF. he really is and so is the innerlight team, the arent snoppy just rich soooooooo back off and talk some more this is fun and something to do when the surf is flat, WE all need to have much love. INNERLIGHT RULES THEY ARE DOING A AWESOME JOB~!!!!!!!

By daniel jares , 20-12-2004

pcola is the best spot - dude why do you all got to talk crap you probably don't have nothing else to do so you come and try to screw the spot up its all a joke people this is a great sopt some times we even do get 6-8 footers but most of the time it is only 2-6 feet but anyways and by the way innerlight is the best shop on the town that kook was lying about the nose cones and other crap about catching air and the epoxy board breaks in half thats a lye i dont surf but i am a bodyboarder and for me it is the best spot because it is just like teahupoo, tahiti in the winter at the cross i charge the heaviest barrels and they are at the cross and the cross has a coral reef so don't fall or you mite not make it to the beach later faggots

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