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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Hawaii

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By wyldryd , 17-10-2008

Big mushy longboard waves - Aloha, I'm heading to Kauai for a few days next week. Looking for some big mushy longboard waves. Don't mind chop either, just want some warm water slides (home break is about 45F storm surf, so I'll be happy with just about anything really). Don't want to invade any fav spots with cranking tubes... just want to have chill time in some warm blue. Any suggestions?

By Anonymous , 28-09-2007

PMRF - I'm going to stay at PMRF barking sands beach cottage in November, and was wondering about the breaks around that area. I'm pretty experienced, surfing in Oahu for 5 years. I've managed a small quiver and now have a sweet fish with a versitile skeg package that i surf most days. Any suggestions for fun, empty surf spots.... I'm sick of the South Shore Oahu crowds, so I'd like a place all to myself.

By Anonymous , 19-09-2007

Wailua? - Why are you guys calling Kauai Wailua?

By bostonsurfer , 03-02-2007

Wow! - wow,

You guys should get to all the spot naming, surfing is not a secret anyomre. Due tot he internet. It suks and crowds are a part of life now! Just treat people the way you would wanted to be treated.....


By Anonymous , 07-01-2007

Hows the surf? - I am traveling to the south shore of Kauai during the first week of April... I was wondering what are some good spots to check around the island so I dont paddle out at a spot I shouldn't be paddling out at.

By MIKEL , 17-12-2006

Ezekiel, kiss my b_tt - You little punk! You made me mad. Listen up, you ate it the hard way, ok, shut up and take it as a men. You sound like a crying baby. Shame on you and by the way, i am going to hanalei, again. You got something to say. Ok. Bring it up! Wanna look for me. Bring it up. My 3 gungs are in red color with Puka stickers on the nose. I will be there in January for 10 days! You think you are the only one who has heard of someone's death. You punk, fuck you! You made me mad. Listen it fucking punk. Where i am from, people get killed ONLY because their political views. I HAVE seen more death people AND i have more death friends that you WOULD ever imagine. SO don't come up with that shit with me because you GOT the wrong motherfucker to fuck with. Have you ever HEARD of E-T-A? You punk ass

By Ezekiel , 02-12-2006

Mikel - You were just passing through,gotsome goodwaves,no problems... naturally you have not stayed here long enough to see Titus kicking innocent people out of the water at Hanalei on a small day, or people getting beaten to near death for being 'haole' while the 'good ole boy' local cops turn a blid eye, or the innocent camper at Shipwrecks who was foudn dead in his tent with 27 knife wounds to his chest and back with the police report reading 'suicide'... hopefully all that stuff is a thing of the past, nevertheless you can shove your 'Hawaiian aloha' rant up your arse coz u dont know how hard it has been for some innocent victims 'round here...

By MIKEL , 02-12-2006

Kauai is beatiful - I truly confess that Kauai is a beautiful island and so are the people. I understand why locals get such bad reputation and the only reason is because they are tired of tourists's behaviors.

I am an experienced surfer from Europe. Most of you would be thinking… look what a punk. Well not quite! Many years on a board since I was 6, now 32 and my home break is MUNDAKA so I believe I know what I am talking about.

I have seen people at Hanalei drowning and being rescued my locals, if that wouldn’t have been the case; these TOURISTS would have been death. It is not an exaggeration, but just what I have seen with my OWN eyes.

I have seen people out there who SHOULDN’T be out there.
I WON’T ever risk my life to save someone WHOM I do not even know. NEVER, EVER! And yet; I have seen this in Kauai twice!!

Therefore, lesson number one, respect, always! So you may experience some ALOHA and hopefully BRING some ALOHA back to your place. As I did.

And lastly, watch out for sharks because there are sharks. I never saw a shark in my life, until I got chased by one in a well-known spot surfing at dawn.

By , 18-10-2006

I'm gonna luck out on Kauai surf - So, I'm heading to a wedding near the entrance of Waimea Canyon and figured that the south swells will have ended for the year. Stoke! It's supposed to be macking this Thurs-Sun, exactly when I'm supposed to be there!

Question: what are the best spots in that area?

I've only surfed the north end: pine trees, hideaways and a bit of tunnels.

By Anonymous , 06-10-2006

- Some idiot added a bunch of spots one that already on there and they put in s in pakala which is disresptful and nieve if you ask me.

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