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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North Florida

USA, South East

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By Surfdog60 , 03-02-2009

Ormond Surf - plenty of uncrowded breaks from Granada north to flagler.easy access.

By marrakech09 , 30-08-2007

aug,30 2007 - yea i surfed 37th south jax beach this mourning. clean 1/2 foot swell.. rare 3 foot clean bareels, fast two.. dustin m.

By , 12-10-2006

Surfing Orlando - Hi guys&girls...I'm an italian girl, with surf in my veins, who is coming to live in florida, one year, on the next year. Exactly I'll be in Orlando...and i would thank you all of you who might give me advices about spots, boards(hiring or buying one), better way of moving and difficulties. I'm not expert,nor a begginner....what can ya recommend me? byeee

By anonymous , 15-01-2006

Locations of Breaks - The map that is given is VERY Inaccurate. The biggest thing is that Cocoa beach is NORTH of Patrick, Lori Wilson, and all of those breaks.

By raffo , 18-07-2005

Space for everyone - Some of the stand out spots like Poles and Smyrna Inlet will be crowded on any swell. In Winter, all the pussies stay home so I'd go out to Smyrna or Poles. It can hold a huge crowd if there's any swell.

By anonymous , 14-03-2005

in march - have at least a spring suit for the dawn patrol

By curious , 18-02-2005

chillin? - will i need a springsuit in the florida waters in march for earlier in the am or will the old bareass do??

By Stingray , 23-01-2005

Surf Schools - Closest beach to Orlando is Cocoa Beach. Several surf schools. Contact RonJon or Cocoa Beach Surf Co. to get the info. Good luck.

By Thirsty , 11-01-2005

Need Help - Me and a few cats from Nova Scotia are heading to Orlando in march. Could someone name a nearby beach that offers surf lessons or a beasty surf school we can check out.

By , 02-12-2003

need local Jax info - sup Guys, got a quick question for ya... I'll be in Jax visitin the fam over christmas, bringing my board and would love to catch some surf, but where is good??? I'd prefer a right point or jetty, somewhere between Jax and St. Augustine, so can someone hook me up with a location??? I don't mind a crowd as long as they're not a bunch of dicks or kooks. muchos gracias y grande olas,
-- Gordon in San Diego

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