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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 New smyrna inlet

USA, South East, North Florida

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By Anonymous , 23-02-2010

- localism is the same as racism, dumb. If your from new smyrna and you don't like me driving in from outta town to surf Gods waves then suck it, and dont leave your town cause then you'll be in somebody elses and I hope when you go to get gas some local kicks your ass for taking their pump you idiot. Haha and i like the guy whose name is Cumskey.

By EastSideA1A , 03-05-2009

Surfing Smyrna - I used to surf at the inlet all the time yesrs ago, just decided to get back into surfing again. Like when I was first learning to surf I stayed south of the jetty and as I got better I moved closer and closer to the jetty and finally joined the line up. Treated all with respect and got the same in return. Now when I go back I'll stay out f the line up until I shake the rust off, common sense in surfing will take you a long way.

By Anonymous , 17-03-2009

UCF surfers - I'm a sophomore at UCF and have been surfing the inlet for about 2 years now.

Two things I've noticed, it's pretty damn consistent with Floridas standards, and everyone there rips.

Yea you've been living in NSB all your life, nice job, you're officially a North Florida Red Neck with a wet suit rash.

No one owns this wave except mother nature herself, and from the looks of it she's not too happy with how it's being managed and has decided to take it back, one sand bar at a time. Maybe when we all learn to get along we'll get some good surf a bit more often.

By Anonymous , 20-07-2008

go home orlando? - im from orlando and surf the inlet all the time and this guy is just mad that kids from orlando can surf better than he can. Orlando kids spend every dollar they have to come out there and surf. they arent spoiled and get the luxury of living on the beach.

By Anonymous , 24-01-2008

get along - why cant we all just get along and hate the guys on kayaks

By Anonymous , 05-12-2006

bro's - to start off im a local!!! i hate localism the only thing is if you go and snake someones wave and get the shit beat out of you thats NOT localism its just how it is anywhere

By El Padrino , 04-12-2006

you stupid ass - Alright squirrel,

definately not a local....

The frequency is way off for this spot, because there is always a wave here. It's not always good, but it's ALWAYS about three times the size of anywhere else that's breaking. ANYWHERE. This is why it's so crowded. And just a sidenote for beginners... glad that you're taking up surfing, BUT DON'T COME HERE! This is not a beginner's spot as someone will probably kick your ass, and or you might die on a big day. Either way you might die. Watch out for sharks and ego trips, and if you don't suck , don't take any shit from anybody. If you do suck, DON'T COME HERE! I'm a longboarder, so if anybody has a problem with that, they can take it up with my fin. I'll be out there.

By Anonymous , 28-11-2006

death of a spot - new smyrna inlet is a cluster fuck of 90% people who didnt grow up here, its sad, localism should be expanded and there should be more poundings like in the 70's..........go home orlando


By Anonymous , 14-11-2006

local - A local kid beat me up here..... I was running my mouth and I definitly won't do that again....

By driftfast180 , 13-11-2006

The Inlet - Not a local but make trips all the time. The inlet is very consistant w/ a huge crowd factor all the time. I have never been out w/o a huge crowd in the lineup but I always have a blast. The waves are very workable, wedgey, and lineup.If its 2ft when you drive on the beach, expect 5ft faces at the inlet..Only a couple problems though. Ya gotta be able to surf and hold your ground in the lineup if your goin to the inlet. Dont jap anyone either, respect the locals and youll have no problems. There are plenty of waves and peaks to be split as long as you communicating. Also, be carefull of the men in the grey suits. Every time I have went I have seen a shark, and the one time I went and decided to fish the inlet instead of surf (wierd feeling during noreaster w/ no-one out) someone was bit. One of the only 2 guys out. Basically my fav spot on the east coast. If ya dont wanna surf, go fish. Fun times no matter what and the beach always attracts the chicas :)

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