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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Central Santiago


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By Anonymous , 20-04-2009

Too Much - I think there are a lot of spots that are overrated. There´s no way that "la boca" has more stars than "maitencillo". I recomend taking one star to each spot, except the world known spots like punta de lobos, la puntilla, puerte, etc...

you can find californian and aussies boards at Santiago surf shops.

By Anonymous , 12-11-2007

pichilemu hotel - does anyboby knows a good hotel in pichilemu? as close as possible to the la puntilla waves?

By Anonymous , 14-08-2007

Chile in December? - I'll be around Santiago on the coast from mid to late December - what should I expect in terms of swell? Any input appreciated (my guess is head high or so given it is the low season in terms of swell).

By , 22-06-2007

Traveling to Chile in Oct or Nov - Can anyone recommend a good place to stay by the beach and near at a good break. Also, how far is the drive from Santiago. Are there any surf guide available?

By , 31-05-2007

Hire Surf Gear in Santiago - I will be in Santiago at the end of June for 5 days while waiting to meet up with a friend.
Heard the surf is good so gotta get out there but will have no gear. I want to hire a board and wetty. Anybody know where I can get this, I guess there will be some places along the beach where you can do this but need to find out where.
Would appreciate anybodies help, you can email me on


By Anonymous , 12-05-2007

Where to go? - I will be in Santiago on May 16th for a week. Where is the best surf for this time? Also, Wouldn't mind hiring a surf guide. I own a surf shop in California and surf well. You can email me at

By Anonymous , 04-01-2007

Oh no. - Mate that previous clown makes things sad. How can you travel and experience places/spots/people and things and still say things like that. Sad mate, poor form. Stay at home.

By , 04-10-2006

Chile surf spot guidebook - hi everyone,

if you're looking for a really complete surf spot guidebook for chile, check out the one that's available at "surfguidechile" dot com. i bought the 2005 guide and it was awesome!


By Xavier , 08-08-2006

WOw - I'm impressed with the detailed information posted. The map couldn't be more accurate. Man, I just want to go back to maitencillo. It's probably crowed today, but a few years back we were the only ones there. You should call this area central Chile or central zone and not Santiago which has nothing to do with the beach really.

By Me , 29-04-2006

I just surfed Chile - Just got back from 3 weeks in southern and northern Chile.... yikes, freakin cold and rocky but i found some fun beachies... i'd say northern Chile (Iquique) is the call if you're looking for epic vacation waves but look out for the wacked out crack heads.

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